How To Create Today's Embellished Tops

I look at the embellished t-shirts and cardigans at Anthropologie, J. Crew, and even Old Navy -- since last year, these retailers have featured thin, flimsy items with embellishments for $40-$70. I wonder who would buy these items, since looking at them shows that the work involved is quite simple. I'm obviously not the only person thinking these embellishments are easy to do. ...more

Thank you for taking the time to share. You make it sound so easy that I am sure that even ...more

Best Craft Books of 2008

I'm coming a little late to the "best of.." posts, but 2008 was a year of some fabulous craft books.  I've gone through my own acquisitions, choosing several that I'm truly glad I own, then filled out the list with books I haven't yet purchased, but that have gotten lots of buzz or are on my wishlist.  (ht to SisterDiane for helping with that list). ...more

Thanks for the list.  It's never too late.

The craft section is back-to-back with the ...more