It Came Through His Poem.....

Like all grandmothers, I have a special fondness for all my grandchildren.  I am convinced that they stand out universally as shining stars and that everyone who meets them will be totally mesmerized by their brilliance, good nature, and their unique perception.  I am, of course, looking at this in a total unbiased way. Ryan is a tall handsome young man and even though he is only 16, he has a very old soul.  He wrote a poem, a magnificent poem that reflects his maturity and grace that I’d like to share....more

Letting Go Can Move You Forward

How can we exercise infinite, ever present choice as long as we cling blindly to imaginary emotions from the past?Let It Go. If I had a quarter for every time I got that advice - or tried to give it - I'd be one loaded broad. What exactly does "let it go" mean? If everything we are is a combination of our past experiences (with lovers, family, and friends) and our reaction to, and participation in those events why would we want to let go of it?Control Is Easier Said Than Gained. Our ability to think and form conclusions and reactions is the most (and least) we control in life. Letting go of the past is simply a matter of controlling our response to it. This is about 3 trillion times easier said than done....more