Festival Dress.

There are two types of outfits when the summer heat + humidity kick in: barely-there and super floaty....more

How to Embroider Your Monogram With Beads

I wanted to make some embroidery work for a while, so I finally bit the bullet and I was able to create my first bead embroidery project. Although the design changed a little due to time constraints, I’m still super happy with the result. Here’s how I made my last name initial "A" with bead embroidery....more
Cool! Love the way it looks and great directions & pics.more

Wizard of Oz Quilt

This is my latest project for a special gift for my daughter who has been a devoted "W of O" fan since she first saw the movie as a child.  I love finding Oz things for her.  When I discovered this Wizard of Oz fabric, I knew I had to make a quilt for her.  I then decided to embroider characters on it.  It is still in the quilting process, but here are a few pics.I just took an ordinary child's' coloring book and traced the characters....more

Politics, Survival and a Forgotten Art: The Story of Chinese Women Embroiderers

Like my other novels, Secret of a Thousand Beauties is about women who overcome great difficulties to make better lives for themselves. It is set in 1930s Suzhou and Beijing, a time when an imperial embroiderer might be your next-door neighbor. And a time of great creative ferment, but also great social turmoil with modernizers, revolutionaries, and gangsters vying to determine China’s future. Women were attaining more freedom, but the old oppressions persisted, such as the notorious ghost marriage, in which a woman was forced to marry a dead man. ...more
Mingmeiyip BlogHer So fascinating! Can't wait to read your book.more

Embroidery Inspiration: Toilet Paper

@penzupal I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated. Can I help explain something in more detail?more

Embroidered USA

Embroidered USA ...more
TO: "3-squeezes:" would you be willing to share/sell the USA map you used to trace for this ...more

Vintage Vibe: Colorful French Knot Sachets

I made these French Knot sachets for my mom for Mother’s Day. They’re fun and easy to make and have a vintage vibe. My sachets are larger at 6″ by 6″ when done so that she could place them on her bed in front of her other bed pillows (and this is a good size to add a ribbon to so folks can hang them on a door knob or somewhere in their kitchen or office)...cont reading at the Crafty Modern blog.   ...more

The oppositional Q - or -only Allah is perfect

My very own "oppositional Q" in an embroidery sampler, made when I was 8 years old, in 1977 It was midnight, I couldn't sleep, and cleaning out my closet seemed like a very good idea for what to do with myself. At the back of the closet, I found a set of framed photos, silk-screened prints and paintings that had never made it onto the walls of our home - and I also found an alphabet-themed sewing sampler, completed by me at the age of eight....more


@HomeRearedChef No, I did n't join. What is it? If you've got it all in the house, you're a ...more