Buying and Selling Eggs, Sperm and Embryo's is a crime here in Canada!!!!

Finally after 8 years of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act coming into play the police are laying down the law and investigating some questionable  practices in the fertility trade in Canada.  The AHRA act clearly states that the exchange of money for Sperm, Eggs, Embryos or the Services for Surrogate Mothers is a crime here in Canada.  Then why have people been receiving money under the guise of such actions....more

Frozen Embryos and Donor Eggs In The News This Month

More Magazine December 2008 (Meredith Vieira on the cover) has an article on page 73 about Diana Thomas "The Egg Banker" who started a donor egg service is expanding with a new division, Cryo Eggs International that will offer women the option of using frozen eggs, eliminating the need to sync the donor and recipient's cycles as well as eliminating the geographical considerations.  Awesome stuff, though still early in perfecting the freezing of eggs it will revolutionize donating eggs and hopefully lower the cost!!  ...more