Parenting Blind Spot: Are your kids prepared for an emergency?

We are the parents to 3 beautiful little ones under the age of 5.  As loving and caring parents, we have done everything we can think of to keep them safe while inside (and even outside) our home.  They all sit in appropriately facing 5 point harness car seats, we cut up hotdogs to sizes that even mice could eat, there is a list of emergency numbers plastered on our fridge, bumpers on every sharp corner, gates at the bottom/top of stairs, etc.  I mean, you name it and we have thought of it....more

The bees.

 We couldn’t have a real Christmas tree.We couldn’t have any pets.She had allergies.Mom said she was sick every Christmas until they realised, she had allergies.Grass, trees, pollen, pet hair and dust all made her sick. We were jumping up and down on the couch....oh, it was so much fun!We were with our cousins on our Nana’s porch.This old couch had always been on the porch but we had never jumped on it before!The adults were all inside and we were absolutely LOVING our freedom! ...more

One Year Smartphone Battery Backup, Use When Needed

 Our posts are often written after something inspires us.  That is definitely the case with the One Year Smartphone Battery Backup.  We happened to be some place I could not charge my phone all day and it eventually ran out.  Never Good....more
Getting caught with a dead cell phone is never good. We found a new gadget to protect you from ...more

Preparing Your Family for an Emergency Situation

You’re walking through the parking lot of your local grocery store, trying to grab a few things for dinner and head home to your family, when a hurried driver fails to yield at the crosswalk and strikes you with his vehicle. Suddenly, you find yourself in the back of an ambulance, on your way to the hospital with a painful injury to your leg and an aching wound on your head. Are you prepared?...more

The Best Emergency Radio – Prepare For the Unexpected

 When it comes to handling emergencies, things have changed significantly for our homes.  Technology has obviously become better and a more significant part of our lives.  So, we decided to go looking for a 21st century emergency radio and found The Best Emergency Radio from Hammacher Schlemmer....more