Day 28 - Semi-Live Feed

I thought I would try an experiment today and put in events as they happen during my shift in the ED.  I don't have Twitter so I can't "live feed," but we'll see how this works out, so keep checking back as I will update this post as the day goes along and time permits.0500 - Came on shift to get sign-out of 14 patient waiting for admission, discharge or consultants to see them.  This didn't include the 3 people who were on psych hold awaiting placement at local psych facilities....more

Day 12 - I Hate Everyone

 Some days, this is my theme song for work. When the never-ending stream of patientskeeps coming in the front door so that I can...more
Wow that is a lot but remember you have good days too and for those tiny bright moments you know ...more

Day 11 - When Grannys Go Boom...!

From cinemagay.comThere's a scene from "30 Rock" which I can totally relate to.  It's from the third episode of the first season where Liz Lemon is set up on a date with Gretchen Thomas....more

Day 6 - Persona Non Grata

 There are a certain number of patients who come to the Emergency Department that automatically illicit an audible groan from the staff as soon as their name appears on the patient board, or when you hear an EMS radio call out to a familiar address....more

Day 3 - Dance It Out

This morning we experienced an unusual phenomenon in the emergency room... we had no patients for almost two hours... imagine that!  A Monday morning with no patients at all coming in, and all of the rooms empty....more

NaBloPoMo Day 2 - The Second One

 I started off life as a journalist.  Writing about what happened to other people.  Taking photos of happened to other people....more

A to Z Challenge: On Jumbled Mess

**Even though I haven't cross-posted the last two entries,I am still posting daily for the A to Z challenge.See what you've missed (not much, I've been rather dull lately)here...California Dreamin' SquirrelToday's Post for the Letter J...more

Day 26 - Some Days You're the Squirrel

 I'm doing triage in the ED for the next 2 days,and today made me want to drink a lot of these... ...more

Day 23 - I Weep for the Future

One of the best lines from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."See Video HereI worked triage over the last couple of days during my ED shifts.  No where can you see the failure of the health care system, and society in my opinion, so readily as on the Front Line of medicine... the Emergency Department triage room....more