Trends: Cigarette/Drinks Tables

I wanted to share with you another trend I saw at High Point Market this fall, Cigarette/Drinks Tables.  I continuously saw these gorgeous little pieces in almost every showroom I went to.  There were many sizes and shapes, and their small size makes them easy to move from room to room.  These beautiful petrified wood tables are perfect for any style home....more

To Quote Emerson: Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination … Especially When Cheap Cabinetry Is Involved

Thursday morning I had an appointment with the eye doctor and I never mind going to the eye doctor. He's a delightfully witty man who gives excellent eye care. Plus, I love his office, specifically where it is located. Let's just say that his office is in close proximity to a Target (I adore Target) and that factoid weighed into my decision to make this guy my vision specialist.I'm no dummy. ...more

The Beautiful Family of Christine Marie

Here’s my elevator speech:  I’m a bumbling, hypercreative, entrepreneurial, education-loving, genius-promoting, gingerbread mom with 4 kids, one Tolga, tribes of innovators, a couple of technology companies (sort of), a line of children’s characters & a chihuahua princess named Bambi that I always dress in pink. Background:...more