Let It Go (Conceal, Don’t Feel): Controlling My Anxiety with Disney's "Frozen"

I’m going to admit it – I’m in love with Elsa from Disney’s new movie, “Frozen”. I think she’s an amazing character who has a lot to teach kids about achieving their potential despite what anyone says about them and their abilities. Plus, she’s played by the incomparable Idina Menzel, which means that I was going to pay attention even before I knew what the movie was really about. Lastly, I have always had an interest in Norwegian culture, and the story of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” was one of my favourite fairy tales when I was little....more
Frozen is my favorite movie ever, and i too have the same anxiety and nausea problems. when i ...more

Nanny Admissions: I'm an Emetophobe

One of the things you deal with as a nanny is sickness. Specifically, vomit. And I’m someone who doesn’t deal well with vomit at all. In fact, I’m emetophobic, and it goes beyond being grossed out or not liking vomit (who honestly likes vomit?). Emetophobia can be a debilitating phobia that has at times incapacitated me mentally. It stems from a childhood incident that I’ve subconsciously never forgotten, and has made an impression on me my entire life....more

The One About the "Various Other Nasty Phobias."

So, in addition to everything else I have going for me, I'm also a bit of an emetophobe.It all began in 4th grade. My teacher was Mrs. Lang. I had just begun wearing a training bra, yea though any actual chesticles were years away from blossoming. My best friend was Holly Wolf. My crush was Luke Krupski. I was obsessed with ALF. I even had the ALF phone....more