Why are the Emmy Voters so out of touch with modern television?

I am the first to admit that I love award season. Even if it’s a love and hate relationship, especially when it comes to the Emmy voters. For the last few years the Emmy’s have done been pretty abysmal job with nominations. Most of the shows nominated are the same from the previous few years. Last year one of the biggest hits, Orange Is The New Black was left out despite it’s critic adoration. As well as fan favorite, Tatiana Maslany [Orphan Black] was overlooked though she plays at least four different versions of her main character....more

Get Your Emmy Awards Bingo Card Ready: Sunday's The Big Night!

 It's time to prep your Bingo cards, get your drinking game lists ready, and charge up your iPad for heavy red-carpet Tweeting action. The Primetime Emmy Awards air Sunday night.   The nominees are getting ready. I'm not sure what they are up to, but it probably entails travel, a lot of waxing, a little couture fitting and careful transcription of gratitude-filled acceptance speeches onto index cards using sweat-proof ink....more
I watch everything five seasons after everyone else, so I just discovered Downton Abbey this ...more

Why Hollywood Should Honor "The Blogger" Awards

How many of you watched The Emmys last night? Isn’t it awesome to see all of our favorite celebrities walk the Red Carpet in all of their fashion finery? Talk about their latest picture, who they’re wearing and posing for the GlamCam? Okay, so who watched The Emmy’s last night? I didn’t.  I’ll tell you why.  In my role as a celebrity blogger, I’m knowing I should be front and center, eyes glued to the television screen (next best thing to actually being there) to get scoop for my column…but, I didn’t feel like doing that. Am I a g-mogul?...more

Memorable Moments from the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards

It was a night of expected (cringe worthy musical numbers) and unexpected (Charlie Sheen clear eyed and sober...wait, what?).  It was the best award ceremony ever for women who are not size 2 and men who are not 6'2.  It had laughs  from hilarious host Jane Lynch, and tears for those actors who are no longer with us as Leonard Cohen's hypnotic anthem "Hallelujah" was sung in the back ground. The 63rd Annual Emmy Award ceremony aired on FOX Sunday night and it had something for everyone, including a large infusion of Ho...more
I can't vote on this one, I didn't see the Emmy Awards. Actually, I haven't seen the Emmy Awards ...more

(PHOTOS) It's Monday Morning. Let's Look at Some Pictures From the Emmy Awards.

Having a hard time getting going? Enjoy these photos and reassure yourself at least it didn't take you this long to get ready today. ...more

I was upset I missed it last night. I even told the hubby to remind me, and he forgot. LOLmore

RuPaul Was Robbed and Sookie was Screwed! Big-Time Primetime Emmy Mistakes

The 2010 Emmy Award nominations were announced today, with Glee, Mad Men and HBO’s miniseries The Pacific pulling in the most attention. But where is the love for RuPaul, the True Blood actors, world's best reality show host Cat Deeley, or Treme? ...more

Deb ya' know I love ya' but I gotta respectfully disagree. For once I think the nominations ...more

The Emmy Awards DVR Shortcut Blog

The only bearable way to watch the Emmys? The DVR shortcut way. You set your DVR to record the beginning of the show then when the show is a half hour from its scheduled off time, say about 10:30, start watching from the beginning. That way you can watch the whole three hours in thirty minutes and spare yourself lots of viewing grief. My favorite skipping technique? Clicking one minute at a time. That's what I did last night and this is the resulting post. ...more

Emmy Awards Censored Sally Field?

This is really stunning, because they cut away from her- and didn't just bleep her when she said "goddamn." Seems political to me... From the LATimes blog: ...more

We just have to keep standing strong. There were male actors arrested on narcotics charges in ...more

Unsung Emmy Nominees

The primetime Emmy nominations came out this morning and you know what that means. Tears, cheers and crying in beers. ...more