The Willing Object: Sophia Vergara, Empowerment, and Objectification

Last night’s Emmy Awards had many big moments. One of the most contested involved Sophia Vergara introducing Television Academy chairman Bruce Rosenblum, only to then be placed on a pedestal to entertain the audience during his address....more

The 64th Emmy Awards Red Carpet Fashion Recap

Another year of great television and another star-studded Emmy Award show to congratulate all its participants! We saw bright citrus hues, rich jewel tones and printed florals, sultry cut-outs and lace overlays, deep Vs and lots of leg, shimmering sequins and bedazzled bodices, and just a few whimsical goddesses last night at The 64th Annual Emmy Award show and in my opinion, the attendees and nominees didn't disappoint on the red carpet. With so many fun dresses and gowns to choose from, it's difficult to pick a favorite {though I totally did!} We've collected all the gowns for you to scroll through right here! Who made your best and your worst dressed list? Bursting with fruit flavor: Citrus Gowns {This is one of my favorites! I love the turquoise jewelry choice and hint of '60s here}...more
Julia's Vera Wang is exquisite!  And I love the gown Giuliana Rancic wore - check out the fab ...more

The 64th Annual Emmy Awards In Tweets: Did You Watch?

Awards shows in the post-Twitter world are like an entirely different animal. In the old days, we'd sit around with appetizers and ballot cards, talking to humans, dishing on dresses and snubs. Nowadays, I find myself dreaming of that smart TV that we keep hearing about, because really, without picture-in-picture of my Twitter stream in the telecast, it's just not a complete experience....more

In Memoriam: Saying Goodbye To My Grandfather On The Emmys

Tonight, the red carpet rolls out for the 64th Annual Emmy Awards. I’ll live tweet along with the team at BlogHer, as I’ve done in years past. I’ll have hopes high that certain people take home the award. And as the In Memoriam montage is introduced, I’ll raise a vodka tonic in memory of my grandfather, William Asher. Moments like this, a reminder he’s really not here any longer. Talk about reality TV....more
 @Kathy Benson Thank you, Kathy. it was a year of tremendous loss, not just my own. The Keller ...more

63rd Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Fashion Recap

The stars were out Sunday afternoon for the 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards in their fancy tuxes, gorgeous gowns and borrowed jewels, makeup just-so, trying desperately not to break a sweat under the hot California sun. But I'm sure they'd prefer the heat to the rain. The red carpet was swirling with reds, nudes, shimmer and a few bright colors here and there. Hair, jewelry, & accessories were kept simple and had an almost casual feeling like nothing was too overdone....more
I like Kelly's gown!more

Big Emmy Nominees: "Mildred Pierce," "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men"

Mildred Pierce, Boardwalk Empire and my personal favorite, Game of Thrones, did very well when the primetime Emmy nominations were announced this morning. So did Mad Men, The Good Wife, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. Mildred Pierce Courtesy of HBO Here are the top categories: Best Drama Dexter...more

I love Kathy Bates and though I didn't catch "Harry's Law" I'll take your word that she was ...more

Is Ashton Kutcher the Right Man to Save Two and a Half Men?

CBS and Warner Bros. are doing their best to move Two and a Half Men viewers into a Post-Sheen World....more

I really think if they had have re-tooled it to be a 'new' series which was all about Allan and ...more

(VIDEO) "Mad Men" and "Modern Family" Take Top Emmy Honors, But the Show? A Snooze!

When it comes to writing about the annual primetime Emmy awards, it's hard to know where to start.  Do I start with the awards and how some very worthy performances were rewarded, even though so many more were overlooked in favor of "paint-by-numbers voting?"  Or do I start with the snooze-worthiness of the show itself? ...more

Even though you missed it, through the magic of online video, you can see many video clips from ...more

RuPaul Was Robbed and Sookie was Screwed! Big-Time Primetime Emmy Mistakes

The 2010 Emmy Award nominations were announced today, with Glee, Mad Men and HBO’s miniseries The Pacific pulling in the most attention. But where is the love for RuPaul, the True Blood actors, world's best reality show host Cat Deeley, or Treme? ...more

Deb ya' know I love ya' but I gotta respectfully disagree. For once I think the nominations ...more

Styled for a Steal by Suave

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Suave. I'll admit it. When it comes to awards shows, I'm rarely all that interested in who wins. I only care about who wore what, how they accessorized, and what they did with their hair. I've spent many a Golden Globes texting and emailing with friends to ooh and ahh over who looked particularly fabulous and share snarky comments about those who might want to fire their stylist. But, last night was the first time I held a red carpet Emmys party, and I owe it all to Suave! ...more