Validating Our Teens' and Tweens' Feelings


I'm Still Mad: Stop Bright-Siding Me

Chest heaving, I lay on the floor, clutching a knee and half-crying. I'd just tumbled head first into a stack of plastic boxes and crashed... for no apparent reason beyond a malicious strip of carpeting jumping out to spite me.A few hours later, as I whined about the fall that broke the boxes and left my knees scraped up, my stressful work week, the wardrobe-related consequences of mainlining Rocky Road ice cream, the un-taken flying test, the un-flown flight hours, the un-written papers, the un-attained dream job, Mr. T hugged me....more
Mom to Country Kids  Oh I so get that "trudging back up to happy" thing. It's good to have a ...more

Draining Emotion

I remember once upon a time ago, around the time that I was getting married, seeing a list of the events that are stressors in people’s lives. Moving, marriage, divorce, illness, you get the idea. While trying to fall asleep this morning, I was thinking about stressors. I was wondering if I am considered weak for admitting I have stressors: am I supposed to be a good soldier and take it as it comes. ...more

Do "Nice" Girls Really Finish Last in Business? Yes or No

The old saying 'nice girls finish last' may be true when it comes to the world of entrepreneurs. According toEntrepreneur Magazine, Women own 10.6 million businesses in the United States. However, the rate of unincorporated self-employment among women was 5.6 percent compared to 8.3 percent among men. That basically means we are still playing catch up in business....more

Shayfer James...nothing borrowed, something new...

What is this noirpop?Pop on over to those interwebs, do a search for Shayfer James, and you have found it. And I promise you, you will never be the same....more

Tackling the Tough Questions

I tackled the question of happiness and the family today on my blog post. I mentioned how much of our "happiness" might not step from family at all.Over the years I've learned that what makes me happy would bore someone else to tears or vice versa. Subjective definitions about emotional triggers and the emotions themselves can never do more than stir debate. There are no definitive answers, not even in the scientific community. ...more

Motivation: from emotion to action 2

I believe that few realities are written on stone and motivation is not one of them. Of course, just like a car can get low in gas we can occasionally run out of fuel and seem to have no other choice than to disconnect with our motivation. In the extreme case, our vision may become blurry preventing us to see the horizon and leaving us only to loose our motivation from sight. In rare cases, we may get disconnected for ever but most often the possibilities to get disconnected temporarily may occur....more

Motivation: from emotion to action 1

I argue that we are driven to do what we do because of our motivation. Under the most difficult times, you may go on with the task you are undertaking because you have the motivation to do so. Various emotions such as tiredness or sadness may be easily forgotten since it is motivation that encourages us to take the necessary steps to be active and accomplish our tasks. To my knowledge, a lack of motivation can leave us to feel too busy, too tired or too lazy to get going. Possessing motivation can refuel us, equipping us with the necessary energy to go on.  ...more

A Good Cry are times when you just need a good cry. Be it PMS, an emotional day, or just a reason deep inside you that you can’t explain, sometimes the littlest moments are the ones that get the waterworks flowing....more

Butterfly Haiku