Painful Truth #3

I have made it to day #3 of my Painful Truth month relatively unscathed.Day 3: I will sacrifice almost anything to avoid a fight. I used to love a good argument but now I avoid arguing at all costs, even if I am right, even if the cost is too high. That is unacceptable.In theory, being honest and regaining my backbone should be easy. All I have to do is open my mouth and let the things creeping just behind my lips slip out. ...more



Background Of My Abusive Marriage

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When was the last time you were honest with yourself?

Earlier this morning I read an affirmation by Iyanla Vanzant about lies and truth. Iyanla challenges us readers to be honest with ourselves regardless of the circumstances. "Just for today, make a commitment to yourself to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to yourself, about yourself and to others." (Iyanla) The affirmation touched a nerve within me. I reflected back to the times I continuously lied to myself about many things pertaining to the value of my inner and outer self....more

"Reminiscing Over a Honeymoon That Went Wrong

My horoscope today said "expect some sentimental reminiscing." I rarely check out my horoscope, but that section in the paper happened to be next to a Dear Abby column where a woman was complaining about her verbally abusive husband. That kind of caught my eye....more

When love goes awry and you find yourself filing an Order of Protection against your spouse

To get to the point where you have to call 911 to have the police remove your husband from your home is an awful place to be.  I never saw it coming, that terrifying night in February when I found myself curled up in a ball, trembling and sobbing on my front patio, looking up into the faces of two police officers peering over me.  When one officer suggested that I go straight to the county superior court the next morning to file an Order of Protection against my husband, I didn't even know what that was....more

It Is Father's Day - But Dad Was Abusive

Many women find themselves in a difficult position on Father's Day. For many of us who have had abusive fathers -- and I am one who shares that misfortune -- Father's Day raises issues and forces some potentially tough decisions. There is one guideline to remember here -- when it comes time to decide what you plan to do on Father's Day, your comfort and well-being come first. This is not up for debate. Read it again. Your comfort and safety come first. ...more
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How To Write Character Emotion: Introduction

How do you show emotion when you write your characters? How can you best express to your readers what your character is feeling? Randy Ingermanson, on his Advanced Fiction Writing blog, mentions that readers want a "powerful emotional experience." When I thought back over my own personal favorites, whether books or movies, I realized the truth of that statement. ...more

If Your Man Is Keeping You Off Balance, Do This...

If you’ve been putting up with confusing behavior from a man, and it doesn’t feel good, I know how you feel. I've posted in my own blog many of my most embarrassing, humiliating stories, and how I stopped allowing that kind of “man who feels good but makes me feel bad” into my life - and I want to help other women stop allowing that kind of bad-feeling man into your life, too. Here’s a letter from Sheri, who’s going through that right now: ...more