Do You Function Like A Vacuum Cleaner?

Ah, mothersAren’t we great?Always running around serving,Acting like a combination of Martha and Mary.A+ Mums, right?Think again.When we refuse to give up control,  we end up acting just like vacuum cleaners....more
Holly Jahangiri  I like your language-well said, nice to hear it in differnt words.more

Law of attraction

I really want to be able to explain what I have learned about the Law of Attraction. I have been learning about the Law or Attraction for only a few weeks. It has made such a difference in my life already. It is amazing when you are ready for something it really hits you and you know it is what you need at that time. Today I was trying to explain the essence of what it means to me and found it difficult to put into words so I decided to write it down and it might be easier to understand....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thanks so much I will love that book.more

The Word of Love

 It´s hurtful to hear some people use so many disrespectful labels to describe others. These people use The Bible as their armor but you can´t can speak with hate to pretend to preach The Word of God. It makes me wonder who´s their god....more

Let's Not Assume   We often make the mistake as Christians by believing that everyone around us has either been exposed to our belief system in Jesus Christ as well as making the mistake that they already believe....more

a bridge to the moon

I grew up in PEI (though in the eastern part) so I tend to think it's all beautiful. :) ...more

Character Development: The Only Story Worth Living

A friend of mine who's had a disproportionate number of struggles in her 45 years on earth, bristles whenever I try to comfort her by espousing the virtues of character development. "Great, another f-ing personal growth experience," she says....more

I like this.

I find, too often, people do as much as they can to AVOID conflict. As if that ...more

The 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse: How It Tangled With My Outer Bitch and Lost

I have a long history of negative self-talk, and, although I have been less harsh with myself in recent years, I still manage to be my own worst bully. So, when I came across The 40-Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse one afternoon in late August, a six-week course hosted by co-creators Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo, I thought it was probably a good idea to join up. My very recent commitment to sobriety, thoughts about positive personal revolution, and a strong desire to be kinder to myself made this seem like the right step to take. ...more

Okay, if that load of horse crap didn't drive you to drink, you're well on your way to ...more

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewelery Design - Part 2

For many months I spent countless hours  thinking of the type of piece I wanted to design—it had to be a piece that was not only attractive but inspirationa...more