Fairy Tales Don't Exist

  No Happily Ever After Like changing of the seasons, I can feel the things continuing to change with “us”.  It is not the same and it never will be the same.  There have been lots of “events” that could have been what turned the tide but I also think it’s the slow insidious process of realization that the fairy tale doesn’t exist.  I have had several “Come to Jesus” conversations with him in my head but it always seems like life/crap gets in the way-or I chicken out.  It is so hard to bring up problems when things are good.  Even when I know he is betraying me. I.am.pathetic....more
I have even thought about getting my own "guy friend" to give him a taste of his own medicine. ...more

Letting go....eventually

There are days that go by and I feel so much love and contentment.  I don’t know why there has to be the days that bring nothing but confusion and discontent.  It has been 4 and a half months since I discovered by love’s “emotional affair” with his ex.  4 months of roller coaster ups and downs.  4 months of questioning whether he is telling me the truth or not.  4 months of wondering if he is still telling her he loves =her= and misses =her= and telling her things to make =her= think he is only staying in this relationship with me because he doesn’t want to hurt me ...more

Emotional Cheating. When is it ok to Cross the "Right to Privacy" line?

So, my boyfriend and I amongst all of our troubles decided that we should both have each other’s facebook and email passwords a while back.  He gave me his, I gave him mine.  With the inappropriate “friendship” (emotional affair) he was having with this other woman I felt it was a move towards being more open and honest.  I, after all, had nothing to hide.  He knew my trust had been worn thin by the secrets/betrayal/lies that had been told over the past several months and I thought he was making a good faith effort to show me he was serious about this new found honesty.&...more
I can so relate to this story, except, I am the other woman.  I was involved in an emotional ...more

Emotional Cheating: when the cat's out of the bag.

I almost feel like I am in some lifetime movie.  It’s been a couple of weeks, my boyfriend and I have had a couple more “come to Jesus” talks about his emotional affair.  I can’t speak for every woman that is in this predicament but I can lay out what I am going through and maybe help someone along the way or maybe someone else has advice. When I last left off, I had told my guy that I would not ever tell him who he could be friends with or who he could talk to etc.  I could not however live with secrets, betrayal and lying (even by omission).  I explained to him...more

Emotional Cheating: Secrets and Lies

Having been married to a cheater who hid things very well, I always vowed never to be taken for that ride again.  Fast forward 4 years and I am surfing the internet and gathering every bit of information I can on "emotional infidelity".  It certainly seems to be a gray area.  There are so quizzes you can take, guidelines for when it is and when it isn't an "affair".  I think I am going to speak from my gut here having been on a similar path before.  This man and I have been together for the last 18 months and he has helped me through the most godawful year o...more


There was another woman.Someone he worked with, someone who slept with another married man at their job.  Someone he texted more than he did me -- there are pages upon pages of her number splashed across his phone records where my number barely exists, and most of those messages were late-night and on weekends.  Someone who lived close to our home.  Someone he said came on to him.But he swears he didn't cheat....more