Taming Holiday Tempation

 December 11, 2014By Dr. A...more

Emotional Eating: 5 Tips For Overcoming Binge Eating

The temporary gratification from going on a binge has wreaked havoc on the healthy of millions of woman. Many binge eaters are so skilled, or unaware of the damage of their decisions, they can suffer in silence for years without ever receiving any professional assistance. Binge eating can be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD.  It can also be a symptom of food addiction, depression and is a key symptom of bulimia....more

Top 5 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

There are the top 5 mistakes that I always encourage people to AVOID when dieting and trying to lose weight.  These can hinder your weight loss efforts and even harm your health. ...more
I agree with most of what you're saying, except for 'Always remember that if you want to lose ...more

8 signs you’re addicted to food

 I learned how to count calories when I was 11 years old. But that didn’t seem to stop me from polishing off a pack of chocolate coins back then. Or that big birthday cake followed by a pint of ice cream that nearly sent me to hospital.My sister told me that I needed to work on my willpower. I guess that’s something I lacked. Even today.  I’ve lost and gained a thousand pounds since then. For the most part of my teenage years, I felt out of control and yet deprived, undeserving of anything good.  ...more
Alejandra_Alex_Ruani ClaireV.Sanders I think my list is so long, it will prob take years!!  I ...more

Emotional Eating. Simply SHARE THIS, you might be SAVING SOMEONE’S LIFE…

Emotional Eating. Simply SHARE THIS, you might be SAVING SOMEONE’S LIFE…Emotional Eating: 3 steps to binge-free life(non-diet solution)....more

Emotional eating: Get your cravings in check today

The holiday season is right around the corner. While the holidays are a joyful time for most, holidays can be extremely stressful....more

Step away from the cake! 9 triggers of emotional eating + how to overcome them

It's 7pm. You just got home from work and you sit down in front of the TV and inhale an entire family sized block of chocolate. You didn't want to. You berate yourself afterwards. But the next day it happens again and it's really starting to p*ss you off. And now you believe your problem is with food....more

Today is Valentines Day and I just want to eat chocolate

Today is Valentines Day and I have to admit, it's just not going that great for me. In true fashion, my boyfriend has spent the week leading up to Valentine's Day pretending that he forgot it was this week and today, well, he has just been an ASS. This goes for any holiday were he has to actually go out and spend money on me in any other way than taking me out for dinner. Buying a gift for me is not the way he wants to spend his money. Flowers and chocolate, pshaw....more

What the Diet Industry Rarely Talks About

Fitness magazines and diet books have taught me a lot over the years, but I always felt like they were leaving out a giant piece of the equation. After devouring the latest dieting tome, I would excitedly plot out menus, shopping lists and exercise plans for the week. Yet two days later the plans would fall by the wayside and I'd be left feeling guilty, ashamed and frustrated that I couldn't seem to follow through. ...more
@BrownieRehab And yet you are still here! Horrific days are bound to happen - just hopefully ...more

The Benefits of Temporary Blindness

What do you do when reality threatens to derail your progress? Yesterday was an unbelievably gorgeous day here in the Northeast. It's not too often you see the temperature hit 65 degrees on January 7th. As I raced around completing errands in the morning I mentally calculated that I had exactly 75 minutes to fit in a walk outside and a shower before taking my oldest son to a birthday party. After grocery shopping I burst through the door, rapidly told my husband the plan and was dressed and out the door within five minutes. ...more