Random Thoughts

Scientists estimate that humans can have up to 80,000 thoughts a day. Most of these are random thoughts....more

Staying Mentally Well

It is Mental Health Awareness Week from 12th - 18th May 2014 so I thought it may be helpful to share some ways in which you or a loved one can stay well.  1. Social Activity...more

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Yoga

I don’t consider myself to be a major “yogi”, but taking a weekly yoga class over the past year has taught me about the undeniable benefits a regular practice can bring about. Stretching, breathing, and contemplative thought all work in harmony to calm and emotionally nourish me....more


Ahh. Words RESONATE and they call it ART.What do these WORDS make you think about? xoSamantha Jones...more

From Victimhood to Mastery: Freedom from the Cycle of Suffering Retreat

Why do we suffer? And can we stop it? Find out how at this life-changing 4-day retreat. Our map will be the profound "Twelve Links of Dependent Arising" by spiritual master Nagarjuna, often referred to as the second Buddha. Enjoy daily teachings, meditation and yoga in the beautiful, mountain lake setting of Zaca Retreat Center near Santa Barbara....more

What am I Doing to Shorten My Life?

I just saw this title on some other post.. "what are you doing to shorten your life?".... and it immediately made me think that I'm doing lots of things to shorten my life and probably not so many things to lengthen or even preserve my time here on earth.  Forget about junk food, forget about not exercising enough.... in the scheme of things, in my life, anyway, I think those are minor issues. I think my life is being shortened by the constant, cancerous ravaging that stress does to my guts. I'm always so worked up and on edge......more

Oh, I hear you. As someone who feels like her hair is greying today because I have an ...more

Pink's Grammy 2010 performance makes me ask: When will loving ourselves matter?

I offer this video as a nudge for the start of a month who's focus is on love. ...more

Here's where the signature comes from. It's kinda a cool/fun process...and it's ...more