Cocktail Ideas for Empty Nesters

If you’ve noticed the lines at the liquor store have been a little longer than usual lately, I can explain.  You see, many of us have recently dropped off our children at college, and we need a drink.  ...more

Coping tools for Kids

 Teaching children to cope with change and uncomfortable feelings is a tool that can be taught long before tantrums erupt. Helping your child transition through troubling times with the help of a little talk and an action plan will reduce anger and acting out behaviors. From my own experience working with young children in the therapy office; coping skill bags become magical tools to teach children to express emotion and to cope with negative feelings in an assertive and productive way that will stay with them a lifetime....more

Inside Out | A Kids (and Grown-ups) Guide to Emotional Connection

I love Pixar. Their movies always pull at the heart strings and those are my favorite kind of movies. I think I've cried watching almost every single one of the Pixar Films. I grew up with Toy Story and the adventures of those toys and how much they loved Andy. It got me every time. Inside Out rings true as another beloved Pixar film and another one for the record books....more

Reading is Good for the Heart and Soul



Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

The case for more cuddling

One day when I dropped my son off to school, a little girl in his class came over to greet him with a giant hug and some happy words. My son bared it, the girl walked off and my son looked up at me and said, "These girls - they always want to hug me." ...more

Tying the emotions to the memory

Right now, my son remembers lots of stuff. He remembers what we did for his birthday last year and he remembers being in his Nana's wedding when he was two. He remembers games we used to play and trips we've been on. But, he doesn't remember what he had for lunch at school....more

Hurtful Words: When My Daughter Says "I Don't Love You"

I struggle with my mother-daughter relationship.  When I first found out I was having a girl, I worried....more

4 Ways To Handle Your Emotions

“It's just hormonal, you need to stop being so dramatic”,As a teenager I begged God to let each time I heard this come from my mothers mouth, be the last time.Me: “Mom! I don't have any friends” Mom: “It's the hormones, you'll feel better next week” Me: “Mom! I don't like my life! I think I need to go to counseling!” Mom: “It's that time of the month honey, stop being so dramatic”...more