Tying the emotions to the memory

Right now, my son remembers lots of stuff. He remembers what we did for his birthday last year and he remembers being in his Nana's wedding when he was two. He remembers games we used to play and trips we've been on. But, he doesn't remember what he had for lunch at school....more

Hurtful Words: When My Daughter Says "I Don't Love You"

I struggle with my mother-daughter relationship.  When I first found out I was having a girl, I worried....more

4 Ways To Handle Your Emotions

“It's just hormonal, you need to stop being so dramatic”,As a teenager I begged God to let each time I heard this come from my mothers mouth, be the last time.Me: “Mom! I don't have any friends” Mom: “It's the hormones, you'll feel better next week” Me: “Mom! I don't like my life! I think I need to go to counseling!” Mom: “It's that time of the month honey, stop being so dramatic”...more

If I Could Find the Right Words

I AM ... A white, Jewish woman.... Mother to a young, white, Jewish girl.... Married to a white man.... Someone who grew up in New York City.... Someone with an open heart.... Someone with friends who are hurting....more
You should be afraid of your child's future and safety regardless of the color of their skin. ...more

Gratitude & Journals

Lifelong LearningThe world can bombard us with negatives: frightening news events, inconsiderate people, disappointing interactions. But research is showing that cultivating a sense of gratitude can help us switch our focus and remind us of the good things happening in our life right now. Establishing a daily practice of identifying “What Went Right Today,” and feeling thankful for it, can do wonders for our happiness and health. Let’s help our kids figure out how to do this too. Setting aside a little time to recall moments of gratitude associated with our daily life can help create a life filled with gratitude and thankfulness. If your children are younger, how about a little quiet time with Mom or Dad remembering a few positive things from their day? Did something happen today that they handled well?Did someone say something that made them happy?Did they experience something exciting or see something new? If your kids enjoy writing, how about a Gratitude Journal? There’s no right or wrong way to create one – whatever works best for you is your answer. Record somewhere between 3-5 things you’re grateful for on that particular day. You can write a quick list, or expand a little on each one. So here are some suggestions for your journal – modify as you like:...more

Fault Lines

Fault linesStress fracturesHidden deepSometimes dormantEven forgottenUntil …A momentAn implicationA thoughtless actionAn inactionUnknowingly ProdsPokesJabsDagger sharpDisclosingEvincing My fault linesAgain And againAnd again ...more

Man Of The World

From my blog Take It EasyDay 3 of National Blog Posting Month and I'm still here! For today's post I thought I'd share with you a song that has been a favourite of mine since it was released in April 1969. That must have been a good year: Bryan Adams clearly thought so when he wrote Summer Of 69, also a favourite of mine. My song is this:Man Of The World, by Fleetwood Mac...more

Television and emotions

I'm catching up with Parenthood, and I'm realizing why Parenthood always makes me cry:Zeek-- and his health issues and recovery-- ARE my Grandpa. Every step Zeek takes, every wince of pain, every little moment that seems like a marathon-- they are my Grandpa. Such a large part of my last few years of high school was trying to help take care of him while trying to be subtle in the fact that I was helping him....more

Tips for Keeping Things Clean When You're Feeling "Off"

We all have bad days…and sometimes when those days get really bad, crap seems to just pile up around us. Or at least it feels that way. I have been having a bad couple of weeks and this is what’s going on in my life. In reality, my brain has turned on its auto-pilot while I try to keep myself together and somewhat functional. So my basic needs are getting taken care of–meaning I’m eating, showering, etc.–even if I don’t notice it....more

The Voices in Your Head Make You Feel It

You already know about the Bitch Mama and the Brave Mama aka Ego and Intuition, right? If not, make sure you go back and read that blog first.  Ego is the big, loud mouthed, mean, bitchy voice in your head that reminds you on a regular basis that you aren’t trying hard enough, doing enough, nursing enough, pumping enough.  It is really easy to let that Bitch Mama in your head convince you that you aren’t enough....more