A Bitch for a Day

I’d really like to take one day and be a bitch. Just one day. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I’d make the most of it. It would be my “I’m not putting up with your shit” day, my “listen to me or take a hike” day, my “oh please, bitches — I’m the biggest bitch here” day.On that day, I would call people out on their bullshit while being as condescending as I please and with as much profanity as I’d like. I wouldn’t have to make sure I worded things just right to avoid offending anyone. I wouldn’t stumble over my words or take twenty minutes to write and rewrite a simple message....more
@kisschronicles Obviously, we girls that answer to that "empathy button" must stick together.    ...more

Emotions and Dealing with Infertility

The husband and I have been trying to conceive for over two years now. Dealing with fertility issues has been as much an emotional journey as a physical one. In many ways the emotional journey has been more difficult than the physical one. Yes my body has gone through two mini-IVFs and two full ones, which isn't easy. But the physical discomforts are nothing compared to the emotional roller coaster of over two years of trying. ...more

How Women are Wired Differently than Men

No surprise to any woman to hear that we are wired differently than men.  We approach life differently and we remember events differently....more

A letter to my son

Long before you were born there was a park that I liked to go to on Sunday mornings when I got off of work. I went there other times too, and in my memory Judah was with me, though that is impossible, she wasn't born yet either.It was a park far on the eastern edge of Tucson.  Agua Caliente park.  It means hot water, and honestly I think it was the only park with a pond in the area.I worked the graveyard shift at Juvenile hall, talking all night to kids who had been arrested.  It was emotionally gruelling....more

What A Trout Can Teach Us About Emotion: Part One of Two

Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D. © "I got so upset and overreacted because I was so stressed!" said my 10 year old to me just the other day. ...more


Cindy Vance My brother in-law has a very rare cancer, when he was 19, the doctors removed a tumor from his hip, he was told he would never have childre, he is a MIRACLE, he now has a beautiful eife, 3 wonderful children, in december lat year the cancer came back with vengence, they removed 2 tumors one wieghed 23lbs, they thought they got it all, we were just told yesterday that it's back, so sad I love my brother-inlaw so much he is such a terrific guy, I wished there was more I could do for him . ...more

tear ducts should come with a remote

I had emergency surgery to have an ovary removed just before Christmas of 2010. When I returned to work six weeks later, surgery stories were my welcome-back present. One lady told me how her hysterectomy stole her tears. Where she once cried over the turmoils of toe-stubbing, her kids were now concerned she was a sociopath. After listening to her, I turned to my friend and said, “I’d pay for that surgery.” She responded with, “Ew.” My friend doesn’t know what it’s like to feel zero control over your emotions....more

Stress: Fight to Answer Tough Questions

The longer I work at building Chicks with Choices the more passionate I become about helping people get alone with God. It is here where stress is released and tough questions are answered. He is the only one who knows how to gently, yet persistently reach the core of ourselves. We have a giant obstacle, though. To get alone with God takes time. As stressed women, wives, mothers, daughters and friends, we barely have time to find solitude in the shower, let alone a space where we dare drop a pebble into the well of our own spirit. ...more

Speaking to Pain

I want to speak to your pain today, but first: what a treat it was participating with my son, Carter, as he created a vlog (video blog) for Chicks with Choices. It was posted yesterday if you missed it and all three of my children were featured in the creation....more