Feeling Safe

What 8 Features of Your Face Can Tell About You

Author Jean Haner married into a Chinese family and her mother-in-law taught her everything she knew about the ancient art of face reading. After Jean realized that her mother-in-law was not just judging people but was, in fact, correct in her opinion of them, she continued her studies with notable teachers in the ancient Chinese principles of face reading....more

The Way It Works

I Am an Onion....

I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am a lawyer, a writer and a thinker....more

Grief: Life After

Generally, an illness or injury is what forces me back into my body. Like any structure left unattended, my body starts to break down. My blood sugar rises. I gain weight. My pap smears come back wonky. I get shingles or start to consume bottles of liquid ibuprofen at a truly alarming rate...You know, the sirens to pull over and get my collective self together. ...more

I'd not been entirely conscious that what I was feeling WAS grief until it rolled through my ...more

Sexy Tears?

I think about being sexy, and how it would be nice if I could perpetually exist in a sexy zone where I exude pheromones that make men fall to their knees.  I have probably spent thousands of dollars buying perfumes and hair products and make-up all in the hopes of being as sexy as I can be. ...more

Sit Back and Watch the Parade!

Many years ago by now…Cece used to sit with a woman who was an old timer..who taught Cece about beginner’s mind.  They would sit together in her teacher’s home in front of the wood burning stove..hour upon hour, day upon day for over 12 years. ...more

Gifting Compassion


How does it make you feel?

The title of this post isn't just something that therapists ask ad nauseum (although it does make me chuckle when it happens) -- it's something that we don't often think about in the most literal terms when analyzing our emotions. Generally, when someone asks how something makes us feel, we use adjectives such as sad, happy, angry, embarrassed, afraid, etc. We think in terms of broad emotional categories, the answers we're used to giving in addition to saying our day was fine, our weekend was good, and our workload is busy. But how do you really feel?...more