Being Happy...All the Time

I’ve been thinking about happiness a lot this week. Happy. Sad. Angry. Peaceful. Confused. Resentful. I vividly remember spending the first 25 years of my life in an attempt to find and secure happiness. At times it seemed elusive, and at others, easy to find. But sometimes I wondered if my occasional blue feelings, disgruntled self, and mind-wanderings were normal....more

Owning Emotions: The Compulsion to Comfort

By Joy MazzolaWho doesn’t love a good cry? Turns out a lot of people don’t. Of course, there are safe spaces where we can own our tears … workshops, retreats, support groups, the Pink Posse. But there is still much of the world where the sight of someone crying will send an entire room into a silent panic....more

Fear is a Future Emotion

Empowered Women understand that fear is a future emotion.    “Fear is a future emotion.” A brilliant man said that to me during an intellectual discussion we were having about pleasure.   So many people live in fear of things that may never happen.  Fear of failure.  (What if it doesn’t work out?) Fear with a potential love interest....more

Nightmares: Room for Growth

When we are moving through challenges or changes, we process these on all levels. How we deal with the changes and how we effectively process them can impact our sleep. In one way, we may manifest sleep disturbances via bad dreams or nightmares....more

Healing Our DNA

Be Set Free Fast: Emotional Release Technique

One element of why I love what I do is because I am introduced to all sorts of healing modalities. Some are easily implemented into an individual’s life, while others remain dependent on the support of practitioners. I’d like to share with you one which starts off requiring the support of a practitioner mainly for necessity of “training” you to be comfortable with the set-up procedure but is then easily taken home and implemented whenever you may feel the need to removing any new blocks that present themselves....more

Planting the Seeds of Dis-Ease

This past Wednesday I had a mini meltdown. After a wonderful and uplifting conversation with my Spiritual coach and dear friend Intiana on Tuesday, all it took was one day for this roller coaster ride to take a fast and scary dip. Part of the healing for me is to reach out when in need as that's never been easy, but I did by calling Intiana in tears. We weren't scheduled to speak again for another week and I was so grateful that she was available. ...more

It’s greater than feelings

“It’s 5pm! YES!” Another day of work ended and I was elated. It was a long and packed day but the good Lord brought me through it. I began packing up and realized that I had class tonight. Even worse, it’s my Theological Survey class which is a bit challenging. “But I’m soo tired. I can barely keep my eyes open.” I said to myself. “Can’t I just skip tonight? I’ll make it up.” ...more

Our Next Guest: An Infertile Woman

My, times have changed. Two years ago I could barely summon the courage to acknowledge at a BlogHer holiday meetup that I blogged about infertility. Now, I'm practically wearing a sash. ...more