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Beef and Pork Empanadas...more

Mini Empanadas

Empanadas de Carne: A Traditional Argentine Recipe

 Empanadas are a classic snack from South America and a great one to make with your hubby. They're small pie shells stuffed with a savory meat or vegetable filling. There are many varieties of empanadas; this style is typical to Argentina. Empanadas are ideal for Thanksgiving and Christmas, since they are easy to make, serve and truly delicious. Surprise your friends and family this holiday season with my recipe!...more

Fairway Market - Latin Table Line Product Review

It’s no secret that Fairway Market is one of our favorite stores; we mention it often here at House of Bedlam....more

Plated + Served: Easy Chimichurri Beef Empanadas

Empanadas are the world’s go-to fast food: a baked or fried hand-held pastry stuffed with anything delicious that you might ever want to eat (and probably some things you wouldn’t).In Afghanistan they’re called bolani and filled with veggies. In Malaysia, epok epok is sometimes stuffed with canned sardines. Curaçao’s pastechis have a Gouda cheese filling, while in Ghana, they’re simply called meat pies and made with corned beef....more

Plated + Served: Light and Easy Guava & Cheese Empanada

You’ve made your resolutions and promises to take better care of yourself, right?Here’s an easy four-ingredient flavor-packed snack that will indulge your sweet tooth, but has only 40-calories a serving (and it’s all about portion control!)...more