Empathy and Morality in Children With Disordered Attachment

The other day Little and Oldest were playing a "game" together. The game consisted of running as fast as they could into the wall.That was it....more

Teaching Our Kids to Care About the Real 'Others'

Most of us have the capacity to show concern for others, but way too often it’s only when those "others" are a lot like us. It should surprise no one that a mouthy, opinionated woman like me is an avowed feminist. Oh, and the LGBT movement is stocked full of gay people. Plus, the Republican Party attracts bankers and hedge fund managers. Public Domain Image via Pixabay. ...more
As a vegetarian raising vegetarians, I agree 100%.more

Fighting for Simple Human Kindness

“Part of what’s different now is the existence of organized misogyny, with groups of men who are angry at feminism gathering under banners such as the Men’s Rights Movement…....more

What to Say When Your Kids Are Disappointed

I used to be a feeling-denier.One of those parents who was quick with "You're FINE" and "It's okay!  You don't need to cry!"Then I had one of those lovely Oprah'esque 'ah-ha' moments.I was telling someone about a disappointing experience when they cut me off....more

Imagine if ...

I often find that people with children, when they hear women who embrace their life without children (either by choice, or because we had no choice), find it necessary to comment that they couldn’t imagine life without little Jack and Jill (or whoever). Of course, they can’t (or won't) imagine their life as it is now without their children. To do so would be to imagine them gone, to feel their absence, their loss, and to imagine and feel the grief of this loss. Of course they can’t do that. And none of us are ever suggesting they should try....more
Thank you for this short but incisive piece. I am also childless... I would like to share a ...more

World Class Empathy And Feeling Sorry For Dead Batteries

I’m not bragging, but I have a rather large capacity for empathy. Is it greater than yours? Maybe. Do you empathize with waiters of demanding people? Homeless folks in winter? NFL kickers who blow a win? Me, too; that's child's play....more

Empathy (POEM)

"No news tonight!!" she silently pleads turns the TV to fluff and does needless stuff a heart too full to feel much more others' ills cause tears to falldownand downand downher cheeks...more

5 Jobs Everyone Should Have to Try

Respect for our fellow man is something that I have been thinking about lately....more
Oh, Avery Lane how could I miss that one! My SIL is a nurse. I will add they also get to listen ...more

Mothering Moments I Dread

I’m going to tell you something you already know: it’s easier to be angry than it is to feel sad. It is harder still to acknowledge the fear that lies behind both the sadness and the anger without becoming entangled in it and letting it take over. And the most challenging scenario I’ve yet encountered is when the fear and anger and sadness spring from incidents that involve my children. There is a certain intensity to the feeling, the difference between a freshly-honed butcher knife and the paring knife you’ve used for everything from slicing apples to cutting bread to peeling cucumbers. ...more