The Complexity, Joy and Pain of Human Interaction

Our lives are not easy.  ...more
Life Breath Present  Indeed they are! Well said.more

Thoughts On Empathy

I think I have always been fairly empathic. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to imagine how I might feel if something bad happened to me. So whenever I saw bad things happening to others I was capable of empathy. However....more

Calling Out Shame

I recently watched Brené Brown's Ted Talk, "Listening to Shame." As she described some of the messages shame tells us, I got noticeably uncomfortable and started to feel like I might cry. I am very familiar with feeling "not good enough" and questioning, "Who do I think I am?" ...more
Lisa Thomson  Thank you for your comment.  It's important that YOU are not any of the things ...more

Looking Through Someone Else's Eyes

Is it possible to ever truly see the world from another person's perspective, or are we held so tightly to our own way of viewing the world? If you can read, then you can view the world from another person's perspective. All you have to do is pick up a book and let the author transport you to a different world full of characters that can be more real than the people you see every day. ...more

Empathy for the Villain

Slender Man - Click for sourceI've yet to meet a person...more

Love To Love You

Getting Someone on Your Side Sometimes Means Meeting Them Halfway

Last night, I had an actual “good parenting” moment. They come so rarely, I simply had to document it in case it never happens again. At dinner, my husband and I were trying to talk to each other about our days. He was trying to get Kaylee to eat her dinner, which she would only do while sitting in his lap. Zach was sitting next to them and kept distracting her. We repeatedly told him to stop and just sit facing the table....more

Can You Feel TOO much?

  Have you ever been in a relationship with blurred lines of ‘being’? Wondering where you start, end, and where they begin?...more

Have You Become More Human Because of Your Pets?

   Recently I posed this question on Facebook:  Do you think you have become more human because of your pets? If so, how?...more

I Care About Your Facebook Status Update

Lots of people dislike Facebook, or complain about the way people misuse the site. But Come What May and Love It has a lovely post about why she cares about the things you post in your status update bar, and most of it comes down to empathy.  She laughs with you (and sometimes at you) and she cries with you, but mostly, if you're her friend on Facebook, she cares about you. ...more
One of my camp friends from my youth decided for every holiday for a year to dress up and use ...more