I Care About Your Facebook Status Update

Lots of people dislike Facebook, or complain about the way people misuse the site. But Come What May and Love It has a lovely post about why she cares about the things you post in your status update bar, and most of it comes down to empathy.  She laughs with you (and sometimes at you) and she cries with you, but mostly, if you're her friend on Facebook, she cares about you. ...more
One of my camp friends from my youth decided for every holiday for a year to dress up and use ...more

Did you know you only have the first 5 years to teach your kids how to feel for others?

How can I help my child to learn to care for others?photocredit...more

No Empathy

Lk. 17:1-6 I have often seen street signs changed by people without empathy for the pain it would cause others.  Every act we do without empathy is a sign post that we turn , that is a self-centered act that hurts others.  The lack of empathy towards the homeless, the queer community, people of color, illegal immigrants--is what sets us a way from the needs of others--it sends us down the path of self-centeredness, selfishness, and destructiveness. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more


Language is always evolving and the English language is known for being exceptionally complex. This is probably because English has stolen so many words from a multitude of other languages and because it's evolved regionally as well. The classic example being American English vs. UK English (And please be aware that Canadian English is an interesting mix of the two but an entirely different version in its own right) or as it's commonly called 'The Queen's English.' ...more

On Empathy and How We Treat Small Children

Why do people feel so burdened by their kids? Better question: Why do people project adult size reason and cognition onto their kids? Is it so we can feel better for losing our cool with them?Let me back up....more

Are you altruistic? It may have to do with the size of your TPJ (part of brain that determines empathy)

Although altruism is often a  trait in those who are truly spiritual/religious, it's certainly not exclusive to those folks. (There are plenty of incredibly generous people who would describe themselves as agnostic or atheist.) So if altruism isn't tied to one's beliefs, does that mean it's tied to something physical? Scientists now believe it could be....more

Even Adults Engage in Online Bullying

I want my online communication to reflect how I communicate with others in real life. I would never call someone a bitch or stupid to their face so why is it okay to do online? I would never argue over dinner with someone who has vastly different opinions 'just to make a point' or to prove that I'm smarter or right so why is it okay to do online? I would never walk up to a friend or acquaintance in real life and in front of a group of people say "I can't believe you did X" or "I'm not your friend anymore" or "What's wrong with you?!?" so why is it okay to do online? ...more
Yes! I've been noticing this more and more lately... thanks for this post!more

Every Flower is Different...

My cowboy brought me a quote the other morning at the feedyard because it reminded him of one of my daughters.  It is a quote byOne of my special flowers....more

Think Before You Speak

A little over three years ago, I was blessed with the best gift I could ever ask for - my son, Gavin.  I was also handed a little lesson called "empathy."  At the time, I didn't realize what a gift I had been given, but it didn't take me long to figure it out.  You see, my son was born with a very noticeable birth defect - a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  Even though I was not aware of his birth defect until after he was born, and even though I was shocked to discover that my perfect baby wasn't exactly "perfect," I still remember holding him, staring into his deep blu...more