What to Do When the News Makes Your Employees Cry

    Sometimes, events in the news make your employees cry at work. This is a problem because when your employees come to work, you expect them to work and keep their personal lives on the outside. The reality is that it is not always possible. ...more

The Importance of Taking the Time to Do Reviews

It’s that time of year again. Time for turkeys, ham, stuffing, gravy, family toasts, tiffs over where the Christmas party will be held, and, of course, time for year-end reviews. As a mother of two, the word “review” firstly makes me think of the school reviews my husband and I sit through regarding how our boys are doing in elementary school. Though as a business owner, the word applies to my reviewing  employees. It’s an important thing to do, review, both in the school and office setting.Here are three reasons to take your employee reviews seriously this year:...more

Learn to Juggle When Dealing with Employees

It is thrilling to be able to run a healthy business by learning to juggle when dealing with employees. Most entrepreneurs know they have all kinds of responsibilities to their employees....more

But How Can You Make More Money If You're An Employee?

I wrote an article on my money tips blog on how I started making more money in my business when I started feeling more powerful. I received a fantastic question from a reader about how this could work if you’re an employee with a fixed income:...more

"Dumbing Down" On The Job: Are You Guilty?

This is an experiment: It's going to require a bit of brain power because what I'm about to ask you to do involves doing a bit of research and emotional note-taking. Fellas, you play a significant part in this hypothesis, but, this experiment centers around women, so here goes: Ladies I want you to think back to your Middle and High School Days! Okay, now picture that tall, lanky fella with the cool "come hither swagger" an alluring presence in your morning, say, math class......more

Risking it all to start a business and other habits of an entreprenuer....

Stricking out on your own and starting a business can be risky business.  Leaving behind the umbrella of security that comes with having a separate entity write your paycheck is scary!  So what is the driving force behind making such a move?  Why jump from the known to the unknown, jumping ship as you clinch a small life vest? To complicate the move, the statistics aren't on your side.  Statistics show that 8 ouf of 10 start-up businesses don't make it past year #3.  So, the question remains...wh...more

Avoid Data Loss By Implementing Outlook Backup Procedures For Your Business

In this modern age businesses run and thrive upon the internet. The use of email, digital calendars, and computerized files is essential to any business. More employers and employees are turning to the use of Outlook to store all essential information from contact information of clients to computerized date books that contain important appointments. With a business and it's employees so dependent upon Outlook, it is essential to have a backup plan if a worst case situation should happen such as the hard drive crashing or the motherboard in a computer being fried. ...more