Court in Costco Discrimination Case to Employers: Don't Fight Discrimination

Plaintiffs suing Costco for sex discrimination face another round of litigation thanks to the Supreme Court's recent dismissal of the Wal-Mart sex discrimination case. Because of the Supreme Court's decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that the Costco trial court must reconsider whether the plaintiffs can prove that the company should be liable for sex discrimination in store-level promotions. ...more

Companies Can’t Discriminate, But Their Managers Can: The Supreme Court Gives Wal-Mart the Win in Dukes Gender Discrimination Cl

Today the Supreme Court sounded the death knell for Dukes v. Wal-Mart, the class action lawsuit accusing Wal-Mart of paying and promoting women less than similarly- or less-qualified men. To protect corporations from having to do more to prevent gender discrimination than pop a few politically correct paragraphs into the employee handbook, the Supreme Court resorted to a belabored procedural argument that incentivizes corporations to do as little as possible to prevent discrimination....more

Pay Inequity and Other Animals

Success for Hire

I'm late to this game.  Success for Hire has already been reviewed by many great bloggers.   However, Alexandra Levit was kind enough to send me a free copy of her book and I want to review it.  If you haven't picked up a copy yet, perhaps this review will help guide your decision. ...more

Religion in the Workplace

Check out my Brazen Careerist debut: How to Talk About Religion When You're at Work. Here's a teaser:  ...more

Criminal Records and Potential Disabilities - Ask HR Wench

I've seen this before. Arrest and/or conviction records collide with potential disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the HR department has an "Oh, Crap" Moment. A reader writes, I am a recovering alcoholic. In a short period of time between 2003 and 2004 I racked up: ...more

Wal-Mart Meeting Contained Unauthorized Words

We've all heard by now that Wal-Mart held meetings with its store managers and supervisors across the country informing them that if a Democrat was elected President, the proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would most likely become law. ...more

Job Application Lies and Interview Truths - Ask HR Wench

A reader asks, Should I admit to potential employers that I was fired? I heard that by law, potential employers can't ask previous employers if you were discharged (fired). Is this true? ...more

Unions and Your Rights

There is a lot of talk lately about the proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), also known as BOOGAH BOOGAH BOOGAH THE UNIONS ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN! I haven't decided if I'm for or against the proposed EFCA. ...more

Sexual Harassment And Other Crimes - Ask HR Wench

Sweet Baby Jesus, this reader question is one I won't soon forget. My co-worker Michelle went to a friend’s house late Saturday night / early Sunday morning. Her friend happened to live next door to a contract employee, Sam (who works under my supervision about 15-20 hours per week). Sam was at the friend’s house and Michelle was surprised to see him there. She was also very intoxicated when she arrived. ...more