The Noose That Binds Us

A noose is a tool of murder. The noose has a specifically nasty American heritage that refuses to die. It is a stealth weapon of choice by cowards. This is not a simple story of a singular noose but of an alleged company structure that gave permission to maintain separate and unequal policies in its relationships to their employees. ...more

This is horrible. That noose is a threat! IT is also obviously a racist symbol. It also illegal ...more

But I Digress...

Articles that someone is going to read, &*%@ it!!! Below are articles that I've written for local newspapers.  They were supposed to make me rich and famous.  If nothing else, they were fun to write, somewhat personally cathartic, and, in one fell swoop (is there any other kind of swoop?) I was able to embarrass myself across three counties, simultaneously.  (Usually, I am only able to embarrass myself one town at a time.)  So, without furt...more

That was cute :)
I like your writing style. If we can't laugh at ourselves then who will, ...more


can't remember if I told you guys that I was going out of town for work. I just got back into town tonight, and I'm EXHAUSTED. I'm promptly going to bed to finish reading my scandalously bad book (which I'm too embarrassed to even tell strangers I read) on my Christmas Amazon Kindle. Got one? Do you like it? Or are you an iPad/nook person? I would sort of rather have an iPad, but I didn't buy this, and it is kind of neat....more

On the Brink of a New Decade...

Right now, it's 6pm Chicago time on New Year's Eve. I'm sitting on our couch, surrounded by the stacks of work I've been busting my butt over for the past three days, and I'm trying to figure out what to eat, and it seems like this is what I've been doing all year. It's been a heck of a year, and for me the end of so many things: my single status, my 20s, being completely broke. So it feels interesting that I'm on the brink of a this brand, spanking new decade of being married, possibly a parent some day, of being in my 30's, and so much more. ...more

Working with a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter or staffing firm can be a useful tool in your job search toolkit, whether your ultimate goal is temporary work or a full-time position. As with most things related to your job search, developing positive relationships is often the key to success.  ...more

3 Essential Online Tools for Finding Your Next Job!

Nationwide unemployment is hovering around 9.8%, a few ticks up from the previous quarter and showing no signs of a quick recovery.   I'm not going to say I have a magic bullet that will guarantee you a job, but a few nice tools might help you find opportunities faster, showcase your skills in a new way, and even help to manage your job search.   So, if you're in the hunt for your next opportunity and want an edge,  check out these free tools....more

If Miss America sold well priced apparel

First day of training complete!I have accepted a seasonal position at a major retail chain. I shall not unveil the name because I can see already lots of juicy stories that will probably get me fired.As I said, today was my first day of training. Now we all know retail really relies on customer service. Customers are your reason for breathing and living while you are at work apparently. So for several hours a group of strangers sit around a training table discussing scenarios just to really drive this point home....more

How To Hire A Design Professional

You need a logo designed or maybe you need a website developed. You meet someone at a networking event or someone is recommended to you who says they can do it all. After some conversation, you find out that this person is within your budget and you hire them.   You get your work back and you completely hate it.  This is a good designer so how did this happen?  ...more


In today’s economy everyone is either holding on to the job they have praying to avoid the chopping block or being forced out to join the 9.6 millions that are currently unemployed.  With so many people out of work it has created almost a silent hysteria that breaks the moral of many down little by little, day by day, minute by minute. Here are some tips that I have found seem to be relevant and work: Review your resume: We all hate the resume re-vamp but this economy it has to be done. The competition is more than fierce out here, this is SPARTA!...more

Beginning Again: My Career Reclamation Project

My denial ain’t a river, it is a chasm. At age 48, I returned to school. I also had a day job, two blogs and other outside activities. I was extremely busy but happy. The idea was I’d start a new career, attend library school and continue writing. It was a good plan. Except it did not work out like I thought. ...more

I have enjoyed -- mostly -- reinventing myself/my career over the past few years. It hasn't ...more