Employers/Recruiters Screening Employees

You often hear a story in the media about employees who have been disciplined or fired because of a comment(s) they have made on Facebook or other social networking websites.  Millions of people use social sites to communicate with family, friends and workmates.  Many Facebook users engage in activities that cost them their  jobs or see them facing disciplinary action by their employers for inappropriate conduct.  A recent study in the US found that 45% of employers and recruiters were carrying out internet searches of applicants' social networking sites.  Did you k...more

Blogging Without Walls: Homeless Bloggers

In my opinion, you can’t deal with a growing homeless population unless you are also willing to look at the exportation of lower wage jobs to other countries, employment, changes in technology or health care, specifically mental health care, corporate and real estate fraud and the rising cost of housing. Beyond the screeching news sound bites and political ads about your wasted tax dollars are people, increasingly women and children, that are on the streets. ...more

I have heard of the big issue and it is a fantastic cause. It gives homeless people a sense of ...more

Networking – Your Job Search Secret Weapon

When it comes to your job search, networking is the fiercest tool in your arsenal.  No other technique even comes close.  Why?  For starters, many job openings are not ever advertised.  New openings are discussed at the coffee machine and spread by word of mouth. People will ask around the office if anyone knows anyone with the qualifications for the open role. A memo might be posted directing people to submit resumes to Human Resources.  It is by networking and knowing people that you gain access to these unadvertised jobs.  ...more

Networking is the be-all and end-all of going back to work. For stay-at-home moms looking to ...more

Job Search Blues -- How to Stay Positive

It is a difficult to be between jobs. Even though another job will eventually come to you, it can be challenging to stay positive and motivated.  Searching and rejection can be emotionally and physically exhausting.  It is easy to become anxious, depressed and suffer feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.  ...more

Career Planning for Creative Professionals

From the day you graduate you have to have a plan for your career. Seems daunting if all you are looking for right now is a job. But if you don’t have some kind of plan, it is easy to get off track.   We all know someone that may have graduated with a degree in a specific field, only to wind up doing something completely different. It is easy to be swept up in accepting the first job offer. But where will it lead?  ...more

Blurring the Lines: Work/Life Balance

Self-Sabotage Regardless of the fact that I have been working from ho...more

Change Is Good

This week has been super busy for me. I have been trying to get my 3 year old back into the daycare routine, which has not been going so well. I have been attempting to mentally prepare for the return to the workforce. I have been having nightly talks with the hubby for our semi-annual check-in of expectations and issues we may or may not have been communicating. My oldest has started his last year of elementary school, so I am trying to get as much face time as I can. And to top it all off I am on day 2 of my spiritual fast....more

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The “Work On Spec” Debate and the Value of Good Design

Who doesn’t like a little bit of competition? As kids there were contests all of the time for art, science and spelling.  People won trophies, ribbons and some just had the honor of trying.  Competition continues into adulthood.  Companies request artists to do spec work or ask a group of artists to compete to win the honor of designing a logo, brand or some other piece of marketing.  If you “win” you get all the glory that goes along with it. Sometimes you even get a stipend for your trouble.  And if you lose, you know you tried....more

No Worse for the Wear and Perhaps Significantly Better

I just read a New York Times article (" American Dream is Elusive for New Generation" 7-7-10) about a recent college grad, Scott, looking for work while residing with his parents in suburban New England after completing school debt free since his family paid his tuition.  He's not been able to find his dream job or any job that meets his standards, having just turned down a 40K position with an insurance company because, well, it wasn't the level of salary or responsibility he desired....more