Finding Women Voices in the Depression/Recession – Part Two

It is Women’s History Month. One thing that is absent from the financial discussions of the past is how did women cope? I think of that time with images of flappers dancing, bread lines and hundreds of men on Wall Street looking solemn. Yet there were women in America in 1929. They are invisible on a surface level but our great-grandmothers and grandmother do have information for their children’s children. How Did Folks Know What Was Happening? ...more

They grew up without electricity or running water and made sure my brother and I had that ...more

Investing in Our Human Infrastructure

By Riane Eisler Over half a million people lost their jobs last month. There’s no question we need a job-creation plan. The real question is what kind of plan will most quickly stimulate the economy and at the same time provide the best long-term investment for our nation. ...more

Where is the "human" in human resources?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could return some humanity to human resources?  Some common courtesy and respect for one's fellow man and woman? ...more

Top five good news stories out of Africa in 2008

What a year. This year was a year full of challenges, from Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe to conflict in the DRC to famine in the horn. But it was also a year full of positive stories as well. Those stories often fall off the map (and I know I am sometimes guilty of this as well) but I wanted to highlight my favourite top five good news stories out of Africa in 2008. ...more

Pre-interview research tips

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share an article with you that I wrote last month for another website. I hope you can get some great tips from it. Pre-Interview Research: Five tips to investigate a company before the interview.   ...more

Thanks for the informations.more

Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?

As the U.S. unemployment rate increases--at 6.5 percent, it has reached a 14-year high--and President Bush's tenure winds down, all eyes are on President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress set to take the reins in Washington in January. Will the new leadership provide relief? Continue reading "Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?" » ...more

Why Hire Me?

This is the value added proposition you are presenting to a potential employer. This is the question that they are asking themselves every time they communicate with you.   You would be well advised to have done your homework. That is, be certain to do the research on the company, perhaps even the industry, you are interested in pursing long before you step foot through their doors. ...more

Another Reason Why the Supreme Court Matters

It's not the one you're thinking of. The Supreme Court is a "Ktchen Table Issue" this election season (and every presidential election season) because every piece of state and federal legislation aimed at economic and social issues is at risk from an increasingly conservative court. From the minimum wage, to employer health insurance requirements, to family leave - virtually every entitlement the average American worker has gained since the 1930s would be unconstitutional according to the ideology of some right wing judges. ...more

Off the justices issue for a moment, two people with no economic experience combined with no ...more

Come Sit at My Kitchen Table Part II: Barack Obama Edition

Thank you for sitting down with me to talk about Barack Obama's economic plan. Earlier this week, I invited a few McCain supporters over to talk about McCain's plan. I am still hoping they will have something to say. I am happy to talk to you, but hopefully if you have criticisms of Obama you will take the time to stop and look at McCain's plan, and offer your feedback on some of my questions. ...more

Home Health Aides who might be looking for work in the Phila, PA with seniors in private home

If anyone out there knows an individual who is looking for a part-time job to work with seniors, please forward this to her or him. Working at our comfort keepers or any, across the country is a great job for stay at home moms or dads because our employees work flexible schedules, a few hours a day and can be arranged so that the employee works maybe 10-2pm while the kids are in school. We also have weekend, overnight and live in available as well. ...more