let it rain

My Life Ended When I Became A Mother

Last week was quiet. Like freaky quiet. The house was calm. There were no slamming doors or elephant-like stampedes down the stairs or shouts of "Get out of my room NOW!" No one complained about someone else breathing their air or farting in their general proximity or licking their toothbrush just to be a smart ass. ...more
I have four children, am president of a group of technology companies and am also grateful for ...more

Leave A Trail Behind You...

Leave A Trail Behind You…I want to always leave a trail behind me, full of grace and giving. This is my life goal. If I can do that, then surely I will have lived a life of intention for good.I am a work in progress… always stretching and striving to live beyond what I believe I can do. Trying with all my might to prevail in this never-ending challenge.It’s hard, people.Have you ever thought about the trail you leave behind?Think about it....more