Talking Sex with My Three-Year-Old: From Baby-Making to Self-Pleasuring and More

I've been talking sex quite a bit this past year with our three-year-old. Most recently, at almost four, the conversation has focused a lot on conception and birth, primarily because she'd love for us to make another baby, and also because she's been wanting to look at pictures from when she was very little, including in my womb. We look at pictures of my big pregnant belly and those documenting her birth. She gets that it hurts to push a baby out of a tiny vagina....more

The Womanly Art of Bleeding

I recently got my period back. -- After more than three and a half years of no period. Friends have been jealous. Personally, I've sort of missed it. "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding," La Leche League calls it. But while I've been nursing my toddler daughter for almost three years now, I have somehow felt less womanly for not having a period. For me, getting my period back was cause for celebration. ...more

It took a while for me to wander in and read, but I've done it.

Some look at me like I'm ...more

Children's Sex Education Book Too Graphic?!

A Washington state mother has filed a complaint against her local school district for exposing her 10 year-old daughter to a children's sex education book, which she believes is "completely too graphic." What's the Big Secret: Talking about Sex With Girls and Boys (2000; first ed. 1997) by Laurie Krasny Brown, Ed.D., and Marc Brown is actually recommended for children ages 3-8 by Debra W. Haffner in From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children (2008; first ed. 1999, 2000, 2004). Haffner served for twelve years as president of SIECUS -- the country's largest clearinghouse of sexuality education -- and has been a human sexuality educator for more than twenty-five years. Incidentally, I read the book in contention to my toddler daughter on a regular basis....more

I am always astonished by how some people want to shield their children from completely natural ...more

Why Life is Like Chutes N Ladders

Did you ever feel like you were completely unstoppable and then someone or something proved you wrong?  I had one of those moments this morning as I played Chutes N Ladders with my 4-year-old daughter.  She begrudgingly smiled when I climbed up the ladder, but squealed with delight when I made my way down the chute.  I tried not to take it personal and worked hard to model sportsmanlike conduct. Still, as the game continued and I struggled to make my way to the top, I could not help but draw parallels to life and the way that it seems to work....more

Ten Empowering Christmas Gifts for Girls

When shopping for my kids this year, I was amazed at the kids' aisles of toys. It's the same thing. Boys' toys are all about building, creating, battling, teaching assertiveness and using intelligence. The girls' toys are all about teaching them nurturing and homemaking, beauty and vanity. And I am just appalled by these toys and the meanings behind them. Here is a list of toys that will foster personal growth, curiosity, intelligence, and creativity you can share with your favorite girls this Christmas. ...more

Thanks, KathyKate,

Yes, they're set up for boys -- these toys -- and so girls don't get them. ...more

Make Your Daughter Empowering Girls Poster Girl

This is an open call for photos of girls. Girls of any ages, any size, any color, any religion, any ethnicity, any culture, doing anything you feel is empowering, including just be-ing. Mother-daughter photos and father-daughter photos are encouraged. Girls at Girl-Scouts, girls in school, girls on play-grounds, girls playing sports, girls reading, girls at church, girls with siblings, girls with grandparents, girls playing dress-up. Girls doing "boy" things, girls doing "girly-things," girls doing anything. ...more

10 Antidotes to Self-Objectification and Sexualization of Girls

Yesterday, we discussed Self-Objectification and Low Self-Esteem. I loath problems without solutions and complaints that make us feel powerless. So, here's a list of 10 Antidotes to Self-Objectification and Sexualization of Girls. ...more

Empowering Girls: Hootchy Clothes

If you are using words like hootchy, skank, slut, whore or any other sexually derogatory word to describe the clothing (whether inappropriate or not) of any girl you are an active participant in further sexualizing girls. If you are teaching your daughter (or sons) to use sexually derogatory words to describe other girls' clothing you are actively coaching her in mean girl behavior. ...more