the queer x show: feminist and sex-positive sluts on stage

Emilie Jouvet is one of the most exciting voices to look for within the movement of new, progressive sex film and porn. Firstly, her films are intriguing for their cinematic quality, delivering a raw, gritty, textured, underground, art house feel. And conceptually, they uniquely communicate the poignant poetics of French feminist theory, as well as the visceral soul of American queer activism. Fittingly, her latest film, Too Much Pussy!...more

Sex and Bodily Fluids

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that in Hollywood movies, women never need to wipe off the male ejaculate that's bound to run down their thighs after sex? They just hop out of bed or get up from the floor, or wherever they've had intercourse, and jump into their clothes again; or they kiss, cuddle, and then go to sleep. So it's perhaps not so strange that in Hollywood movies, female ejaculate is completely extinct. But what about in porn? ...more

Close-up on the Cervix

While teaching women’s studies at a college in town a few years ago, and discussing genital self-examination with my female students, I remember several saying they would never do that; they would never look at themselves “down there,” – why would they? ...more