Dear Young Women of Today

 Dear young women of today,This will not be addressed to all of you, but to many of you in society today. Those of you who have been raised like princesses but have failed to also be taught compassion, decency and kindness. It is also addressed to those who think sex is the answer to get any man, having a baby is the way to trap them. You wonder why you are alone or can't find a 'good man', mainly because your idea of a good man and the truth are vast expanses of definition apart....more

I Believe in... Gloria Steinem

I was determined that Gloria Steinem would speak to my high school women's studies class. Thankfully, she has proven to be willing. Now, my students will have the opportunity to learn from and question a woman who has had such a profound impact on our history and our world. I can't wait for November 7th....more