Reforming Feminism

GIRL POWERREFORMING FEMINISMPosted on December 13, 2016I am a female.I am a feministI voted for Donald Trump...more

Why it is Important to End Girl vs Girl Competition

Every girl in this world has longed to be someone else at some point in their life. We all have envied another girl for something petty or maybe even for something major. Every time I open a social media app I see some sort of fight or bullying happening between females (Yes! Even now as an adult). I see it between to people who know each other and I also see it in the way we judge public figures. The thing is, we see other women as competition, instead of seeing another woman's growth as a win for all women....more

How Hailing a Cab Naked Became An Ultimate Life-Altering Moment

Negative life events such as getting divorced can strip us of our self esteem....more
Good for you! (And good for your husband for "getting it.")  Denise SheKnows Community Directormore

How to Love Your Body When it Doesn't Love You Back

The week of my senior prom, I felt like my body had betrayed me. It had filled my days with hours of nausea, acid reflux and lack of appetite. It had suddenly shed nearly 10 pounds in three months from its already slender frame. And, now, I knew the reason: celiac disease, an autoimmune condition in which ingesting gluten damages one's intestines....more

Chopping My Hair Off...

It’s interesting how much value we attach to hair. ...more

10 Ways To Enjoy Being Single On Valentine's Day #ValentinesDay

Valentines Day is approaching and for those who are single at this time it can be a lonely time of the year....more

Going Make-up Commando Is Not Brave

I just saw a story on the internet praising some model who "braved" snapping a make-up free selfie and tweeting it for all the world to see.  Woohoo.  For some reason, that headline irked the heck out of me.  I've seen it before.  Susan Sarandon plays a role sans make-up. Reese Witherspoon lets herself be seen plain-faced in Wild.  Whatever.  Does anyone believe that models and movie stars wake up without face wrinkles and bad breath?...more

Advice To a 20 Something

I have become an unofficial life advisor to the 20 something generation. My daughters are in their twenties, as are my best friend's children. I have nieces and nephews in their twenties....more

How To Stop Stealing From Others

Photo by: Alan Cleaver ...more

How having two "bee stings" led to a sweeter life

Let’s talk boobs!I have none – and normally, that’s where the conversation would end for me; but, not today! This time, I have a lot to say about having very little. ...more