Advice To a 20 Something

I have become an unofficial life advisor to the 20 something generation. My daughters are in their twenties, as are my best friend's children. I have nieces and nephews in their twenties....more

How To Stop Stealing From Others

Photo by: Alan Cleaver ...more

How having two "bee stings" led to a sweeter life

Let’s talk boobs!I have none – and normally, that’s where the conversation would end for me; but, not today! This time, I have a lot to say about having very little. ...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 13 - Try

Colbie Caillat: Try I'm alway listening for new inspirational music, andI know from the moment I heard this song I had to have it.So I immediately added it to my collection. I especially enjoy listening to music like this when I'm out riding...Enjoy...!...more

Silence Speaks The Truth

Silence Speaks The TruthTW: There are mentions of rape and child abuse in this post. People the world over are constantly talking, telling each other about their day, sharing secrets, confessing to their priests, piling lie upon lie, and bestowing terms of endearment upon their loved ones. Language, in various forms, has been around since man first walked the earth. Words are exchanged constantly, all over the world. Even longer than there has been language, there has been silence....more


Energize your life with enthusiasm.Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Women's Spirituality is not is Felt.

Goddess spirituality has been revered for ages....more

Michelle Obama and #BlackGirlsRock Gave Black Girls And Women A Chance Remove Their Invisibility Cloaks For A Night

If we speak up, we're too loud. If we step up to lead, we're too bossy. And if we're Black and tweeting in support of each other with the hashtag #BlackGirlsRock, then we're racist....more


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The Message of Yoga

Oh, yoga. What can I say? I’ll say it in the words of Savage Garden: “I knew I loved you before I met you”. As cheesy as it sounds, the lyrics of that song pretty much describe my relationship with yoga to a tee. I know, I know, anyone not into yoga reading this will probably be puking their guts out by now… But please hear me out....more