What It Really Means to Live On the Edge

Most people want to make the most of life. Most want to be the best version of themselves possible. And most people equate those results with the popular slogan, "Live life on the edge!" ...more

How To Reveal Your Purpose And Get The Big O

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and need the big “O”.Those days your first stirrings are weighted with dread and overwhelm. Maybe you feel a little bit hopeless, alone; bored or frustrated out of your skull, or tied down from being the “real you”. In a mood we’ll label simply as: “GUH.”There’s a glimmer of light inside of you that knows there must be more to life than to pay bills and die, to be a cog in a machine producing something which you care nothing about, or just running like mad to keep things afloat and feeling like you’re not getting much out of it....more

You Aren't Alone

I'm that girl. The girl who hid behind a mask for so long. It sounds cliche, I promise it's not. I was just a girl with a horrible secret. It's the only part of my childhood I remember vividly. Now 18 years later, I am still remembering it, with a family of my own, it's hard to think about what happened and to look at him  the same.  I was six years old when I was first molested by a family member and my neighbor's son who was there when we got babysat. I remember it like it was yesterday.......more

Boyfriend Cleanz. Detox. Reboot. Rejoice.

Julie Edelman aka The Accidental Housewife has been a SheKnows Expert for three years sharing tips and tricks to maintain our home, sanity and manicure.  Now Julie will be sharing entertaining posts, personal experiences, and advice to help us ‘clean up another of life’s meses’ –a break-up which she has named “Boyfriend Cleanz’  - born from her own emotional rollercoaster and journey to ‘Cleanz’ ‘n get her sense of self ‘n sass back! ...more

Filthy Little Liars

When I was young I spent a lot of summers with my maternal grandparents (Papaw and Memaw) in Amity, a small town in Arkansas. My parents were divorced and my mom worked, so it was a child-care arrangement but my sisters and I really loved it. My maternal grandfather’s mother (Granny) also lived there so we would sometimes stay with her during the day.  Her husband, Andy, had passed away many years before I was born, so she lived alone in a retirement apartment complex. The complex was just for older people....more

Be the mother of Your Re-Invention

Mirror, mirror on the wall…what does your reflection reveal?Are you going through a major event in your life right now? If not right now, at some point you have had to deal with a life-altering experience: catastrophic illness, major move, financial hardship, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or a divorce.It’s time to Re-Invent Yourself!...more

Dear Soon-to-be-X: I Can't Defend You Anymore

Dear Soon-to-be-X:I just wanted you to know that as it appears our decades-long marriage is coming to an end, I will no longer be able to defend your behavior to others.I will do my best to explain it when necessary, especially to the kids, but defend it? No more. I will no longer:...more

One Month To 40 - Some Perspective on Aging

Today I am exactly one month away from my 40th birthday. This April, I'll celebrate 40 completed trips around the sun and begin my 41st. It's a milestone that can send both men and women into a tizzy of doubt and anxiety about "getting old"....more

Happy International Women’s Day! Girl Power is in Effect. Ladies, Let’s “Make It Happen!”

To every woman that has empowered, influenced, and inspired positive change and continue to break barriers for women across the nation, “Thank You” for making it happen....more

Feeling unsupported? Here are some tips

Have you had those times when you felt disliked or unsupported? Perhaps you were promoted, opened a company or planned a vacation and were totally excited. When you brought this idea to your family, friends and acquaintances the idea was met with disinterest , distain or even outright anger? How did you feel in that moment? Were you angry or discouraged? Did you feel like giving up on your idea all together?...more