Taking Time

I'm going to take my time to smell the roses. To slow down when I walk because running doesn't seem to get me to where I'm going any faster. Life has been a blur for awhile, that everything looks the same. Funny when I actually make an effort to take the time to look around, things begin to take on other meaning. Everything becomes much more clearer. Suddenly, it's okay to just be where I am. My senses are capturing all the things that I've been missing. Taking my time, I can now do all the things that I've wanted to do but never thought I could fit in my busy schedule....more

Holding On

Sometimes life moves so quickly that it makes you dizzy. There is so much to do in such little time, you don't know how you'll do it all. But you seem to be able to. There isn't time to think about what is going wrong or how you can do it better. Things just have to turn out because you only get one chance to get it right. The best ideas come out of quick thinking and trusting your gut instincts. It's holding on and trusting that you'll make all the right decisions. In life, enjoy what comes your way for it's your time to shine....more

Celebrating A New Life


Opening The Door To Opportunity

How many doors need to open before you walk through one of them? In life you have had so many opportunities come before you, but if you walk around with your eyes closed you will miss all of them. Then you tell others that everyone but you has a fortunate life. If you can't see what is in front of you, how do you expect to see the blessings that surround you. When you live your life always grumbling about what you don't have, you will never accept that the universe is filled with abundance....more

Accepting What Is

It's time to open your eyes and see what is in front of you. You've been denying the truth and telling yourself that everything will get better. But what if what exists is all that there is. There is nothing you can do to make it any different. Is it your responsibility to change what is not yours? You can control only so much, but to change others to be what you'd like them to be is an impossible task. It hurts to know that what you've been working so hard to ignore is still there. The picture hasn't changed, but you have. It's time to accept what is....more