Finding What You're Looking For

It's not often that you find what you're looking for. In fact, it may be that you're not even certain what it is that you've misplaced. The only thing you're certain of is that what ever it was it's now filled the missing piece in your heart. We all have something that makes us incomplete. We live our lives as we should, but if there is something more we could do or get it would make things so much easier. So we continue to live our life with as much enthusiasm that we have....more

I Will Be There For You

I Will Be There For You You don't know me yet, but I want to be there to help you. I want to lift you up on your worst days. I want to bring you happiness when you least expect it. I'm part of your destiny. I am part of who you are. Although you seem to be getting by these days, you'll be surprised at how wonderful the future can be if you just believe. Believe that all that is possible is just around the corner....more

If You Could Start Again

If you had a chance to do things over again, would you? Are you living in the past, trying to relive what could have been? No matter how much you try, it's frustrating knowing that what ever you said or did can't be redone. You live every day with the consequences of your action. Although you know better now and won't make the same mistakes, it's difficult to erase the memories of things that didn't go exactly as you had planned. All the tears you've shed won't fix the past. But know that you can do better now....more

It's Okay To Change Your Mind

You work so hard to reach your goals and attain your heart's desire. In fact, it may take years before you finally get to your destination. And during this time you are changing, you are not the person you were yesterday. So what happens when your goals and desires change because you are no longer the person you were. As we evolve, so do our goals and desires. It's about being honest with yourself and what you truly want. Lift your arms in the air and claim what you want at this moment....more