Taking Your First Steps

Take that first step in living your dream. It's always that first step that's the scariest. Not knowing what will happen and where it will take you may keep you from moving at all. But getting all that you deserve at the end is worth the anxiety of not knowing. How much will it take to venture forward? You are stronger than you believe yourself to be. Have faith that all you desire is just around the corner waiting for you. No one knows better than you what you want out of life....more

Life's Eternal Dance

Sometimes it gets frustrating when every step you move forward, you take three steps back. Although each step you take seems a momentous, moving in the opposite direction can be discouraging. But in the long run,although it's difficult to believe you are where you're supposed to be. Because it's not in the movements that you gauge your life, but the special moments that you experience. It's those breath taking seconds that time seems to stop that make everything else seem to disappear. Think of life as an everlasting dance that you are having with the universe....more

I Will Wait For You

Will you be there when I need someone to lean on? Will you be there when I need someone to listen to my silly stories? Will you be there when I need a friend who I can trust? There are times when the feeling of being alone is overwhelming even if I am surrounded by many. Their voices just melt into one, I walk on my path with no direction. Although the world continues to revolve, it moves without me. I envision what can be and I dream of desires beyond what I could ever speak of out loud. It's knowing that I exist for a purpose even more than I can imagine....more

How Fast Can You Run?

Sometimes it seems that no matter how fast you run, you're never able to catch up with life. It may be that you've gotten so used to doing things so quickly that if you slowed down, you'd wonder if you're missing something. Although it's frustrating not being able to accomplish all that you'd like to do within the time you've given yourself, it can also be destructive. Stress and anxiety cause havoc within your body, mind, and spirit before you recognize the signs that you're not doing so well. By running through life, you miss all the special moments....more

Accept Me For Who I Am

Accept me for who I am today, not who I was when I was younger or who you expect me to be. For I can only be what my experiences have made me to be. I have tried to live up to other's expectations and found myself lacking. I can never measure up to something that doesn't exist. Nothing will be good enough when I am competing against someone else's vision. If all I can be is myself than that has to be what the universe wants me to be. I may not know what my future will bring, but it will be where I need to be. ...more

Keeping Up The Pace

There are times that you want to run faster in hopes of keeping up with everyone else. But what if everyone is doing the same thing as you. Keeping up with others isn't as easy as it was when you were younger. Now it seems as if you've forgotten what you are running after. Keeping up the pace is about listening to what your body, mind, and spirit is telling you. It may be time to just walk for awhile until you find a peaceful place to sit and enjoy life. Live life as you wish it to be....more

How Easy It is to Get Lost

No matter how sure you are of yourself, there always seems to be moments that you wonder what you are doing. When life gets too comfortable you sometimes forget who you are. Following others seems easier than finding your own way. Being different or stumbling on a path less paved is difficult when your life has been walking behind others.  It's not that you don't know what's happening, but maybe you are not up to challenge at this time. You have this life and it's up to you how you want to continue....more

Surrounding Yourself With Light

When all seems to be so dark, remember that there is light that surrounds you. Although you may not see it, it exists. It shines from within you and keeps you safe from harm. You are not as alone as you think. For what is within you has developed over the years. It's the strength that comes from the struggles you've overcome. It's the patience that you've learned when things don't happen within the time that you wanted. It's the faith that you've developed living through the miracles that you have no explanations for....more
Very well said :-)more

It's Time For A Change

As you begin the new year, are you going to continue making the same excuses? How have they been working for you so far? How many years have you told yourself that "I'll do it later, it's not a good time"? When will the time be right for you to make the changes you seek? Change will occur no matter what you do, so why don't you take charge of your life and make the change you want to see. Every day you have an opportunity to make the best of what you have, but you choose to settle for what you receive.  It's time to take a step towards your heart's desire....more

Celebrating A Quiet Moment

 Getting caught in the craziness of life, you may forget how important the quiet moments can be for your sanity. It's those unexpected times when you're able to slip away for just a minute to relax. When the peace and serenity surrounds you and you can hear yourself breath is far and few between. There are no decisions to make or place where you need to be. Because these times are so uncommon, you need to celebrate this quiet moments. The universe seems to know when you need a break from everything. ...more
renewyou2 I know exactly what you mean. That's why I appreciate every minute I have that I can ...more