Empty nesting milestone: out of the trenches

Having Ky leave on the bus to head back to college was, as anticipated, pretty hard. I'd gotten used to being in my role of Mom to a teenager again and it's the role I think I've loved the most in parenting. I know, every stage (except age 3) was "my favorite" and that hasn't changed over the years. I still think each year is my favorite....more

Midlife Cabernet: How Did My Children Grow Up So Fast?

 Just when you figure how how to be a good parent, the kids grow up and move away. There is no chance to do it over. You can only hope that they don't write a tell-all book about their horrid childhood.Every other vocation requires education, study, and aptitude. With a baby, it's on the job training with no salary, 24 hours a day, and you're under pressure to be Parent of the Year. In reality, you look at the tiny bundle and mutter, "What do I do now?"...more

They Really Do Come Back

You would have thought that, by the time the nest was completely empty, I would have been ready. After all, I had three daughters head off to college before the youngest headed out. One of the first things I discovered was that, no matter how prepared I thought I was, I wasn't really prepared at all. And then, after four years, the last one out was the first one back. My first discovery? I had adjusted to an empty nest. My second discovery? It was not that easy to readjust to not having an empty nest....more
fledgedchick OH yes! The grocery bill! Our daughter is 22 and stands 5'5" but she can pack away ...more

The Boomerangs

I watched the movie years ago titled Failure to Launch starring the very sexy Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker and thought to myself how unrealistic the storyline was.  However now that I have 2 children over the age of 21 years, I am starting to see the similarities of the character in the movie with my own kids....more

This Empty Nester’s Life is Put on Hold for Winter Break

The usual topic of conversation among friends who have college kids these days revolves around our kids’ adjustment to coming home after living on their own. But what about our adjustment – especially if you are an empty nester like me. Having a house full of kids again after four months of quiet will take some getting used to. I am not just talking about getting used to new sleep patterns, extra laundry, cooking dinner, or waiting up for them to come in at night. I am referring to changing my routine back to being a full time parent for a full household....more

Empty Nest's Silver Lining

I have been preparing for the empty nest for two decades. I hated it when my boys went off to nursery school. I was not one of those mothers who thought sleep away summer camp was a great idea. So when two of my three children went off to college in quick succession, I feared that this might not go very well. For me....more

Empty Nest – Am I the only one?

I wonder what the Mama bird feels like after her babies fly away and leave the nest. Is it a sense of accomplishment that she has fed them and nurtured them so that they are able to fly away? My girls “flew” a long time ago. They are both happily married, with young children of their own, and doing well. You’d think I’d have adjusted to the “Empty Nest” by now – right? NOT!...more

Putting on the Rose Colored Glasses of Empty Nesters

In order to look back over the years raising young children, all parents are issued a pair of rose colored glasses. You will get a pair as soon a your kids leave home! My boys had temper tantrums, they threw up in their beds and one of them did not sleep through the night until he was four-years-old (you know who you are). They disobeyed us, they spoke back to us and fought with each other so often that they once upended the dinner table in a restaurant sending all five of our dinners and a table full of dishes crashing to the floor. Yet when they left home I was given the standard issue rose colored glasses and despite the fact that I know these thing to be true, I cannot seem to remember them as they happened....more
Just 3 more years and I will have me a pair. more