The Empty Nest is too Quiet after the Kids Return to College

 Many of my friends are lamenting their quiet homes after their children returned to college after the holiday break. This reminds me of a letter I wrote to my son as he was preparing for college a few years ago:...more

Farewell Manong Agustin

Manong Agustin with family...more

The Homecoming: What to Expect When Your College Student Comes Home for a Visit

Fresh sheets and fluffed up pillows were placed on the bed.  The vacuuming and dusting was completed.  Halloween and fall décor was placed throughout the house.  Cookies were baked and shelves stocked with some favorite food items.   My schedule was freed up for the next couple of days.  Sounds like some special company was coming for the weekend?  Well, yes, sort of…it was my daughter’s first visit home since leaving for college and I was hyped....more