Counting my Blessings...Instead of Sheep!

Do you remember Rosemary Clooney?  Yes, George Clooney’s aunt and famous singer from the 40s 50s 60s era....more

Graduation Day… or, On Becoming a Lobster

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So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

If you asked him, he would agree. A week after High School graduation and he was ready to move on. Just skip over all the sentimental bull crap that all of us parents need to work through. Catharsis. All of our lamenting about what to watch out for, how to stay out of trouble and keep focused. You know the moments where you remember your parents telling you the same thing. But we still give the advice. As if it was new.“I’ll be fine and just cause you think I’ll make the same mistakes as you, doesn’t mean I will.”...more

Park Hyatt Aviara: The perfect resort for families & Empty Nesters

Imagine the perfect resort that is casual, yet elegant that offers entertainment for families with kids and can also please the discerning Empty Nester. Although this request is a rather tall order, the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, California does an amazing job fulfilling both requirements....more

Empty Nester Living Large in Small Accommodations

Living in “small” spaces is the new challenge today. “Tiny” living is life in an itty-bitty, little house, and they can range from 117 square feet to no more than 500 square feet. Now that’sseriously small living! Although some “small” houses might go as big as 874 square feet, and that is pure luxury living....more
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Summer Fun in Dana Point

When I created Adventures of Empty Nesters, I intentionally defined the word adventure as "anything that you wanted to write about"....more

Don't worry about your children leaving for college, they'll be fine!

As an alumni and parent of an undergraduate at UCLA, I was thrilled to be featured in the UCLA Parents and Family Program's Bruinlink, the newsletter for the parents of new Bruins. Your student’s next chapter in life has officially begun, so what does that mean for you?...more

The Mileage Plan

She’s 20, and attending university in another state, 500 miles away. The same exact number of miles I traveled for my own college experience. Only half the miles her older sister traveled, but still, it’s far enough.Her sister Kate is now in grad school, 2000 miles away. My daughters are playing leapfrog, using my heart as their springboard. They claim I raised them to do this, to be curious and intrepid. I say that might be so, but clearly I didn’t know what I was doing....more

Action Heroes R Us

Among other things (heart-shaped rocks, vintage globes, miniature chairs) I collect female action figures. It began, of course, with Wonder Woman, and I have several versions of her. I have Bat Girl, Spider Woman, She-Hulk, Elektra, Princess Leia, and about 20 more, including a few villainesses. Also, the more loosely defined action figures: Rosie the Riveter, Marge Simpson, Nico the Barista, The Librarian (with push button shushing action), Jane Austen and Marie Antoinette. My favorite, representing moms everywhere, is Mrs....more

Choosing Teams for the Game of Life

Until recently, I was pretty clear where I stood and why— firmly and proudly with Team Make it Happen. There’s another team, Team Meant to Be. We’re the doers, they’re the believers. They accept, we activate. They hope. We hike. And obviously, we’re the superior team.A funny thing happened on my way to judging and dismissing Team Meant to Be. I realized they might have something. Something I wanted, and maybe even needed. Perhaps it was time to change the way I play....more
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