Closer Then Ever

Well, the wedding is over. I prayed for good weather and got it! I also prayed that Brittany would think it was perfect and she said she did! So I’m happy!I choose to be happy about it! Not worried that some of my friends might be prophetic.After my last story where I talked about having over a year to create “the perfect wedding”, two friends called me to say, “Don’t worry about it being perfect. Worry about getting a shower! They each had so many things to do the day their kid got married they didn’t even get to take a shower!...more

Photo Albums

As an empty nester now for about a year and a half I have been looking at old family photo albums trying to conjure up memories. I fear that as I age I might forget the moments that mattered in my life. This might sound a bit paranoiac but the one illness I fear the most is Alzheimer’s. My mind has always been very active. I would always tell my parents that I could not stop thinking about stuff. Ideas for stories, poems or song lyrics came to me in the middle of the night and during the most awkward times. Therefore, my brain is the organ I have cherished the most in my life....more

A Minute To Whine

We acknowledge that sometimes you are confused and that you may not know where you are going. Life is scary and there are no guarantees. Knowing that there is a plan for you should give you the strength and courage to move forward. But there is a point when you want to stomp your feet, shake your fists to the sky, and shout that life is not fair. It's when life has turned upside down with you on the bottom and nothing seems right. It's not that you want understanding or hearing that life has a silver lining....more

Generation Gap

One of the most noticeable things about my first semester in college was the obvious generation gap.  I'm not speaking of just age (though that was DEFINITELY there!) but the difference in attitude.I don't take this opportunity I've been given lightly.  I treasure each second I'm in school and I realize the immense value of my education.  I've been given the chance to start my life over again and I am deeply cognizant of the blessing in my life....more

Later Boomers Must Read!

To the Manor Retired (Almost!!)

    I may have this picture-embed process figured out finally.   Wanting to consistently show which life segment I am writing about  has been a challenge but this morning, I may have made a breakthrough. This is a picture of the Manor on a cold morning where the sun had almost burned off the cloud that was covering the mountain that day.  I thought it turned out well enough to use fo...more

Was I Ever Me?


Fertility ...more

Skin in the Game: When Your Daughter Wants to Become an Egg Donor

our youngest daughter has signed a lease to live off campus next school year. She will be a third year student, a junior, and she will be 21 by the time she starts the school year. She has a job when she is home for the Summer and during school breaks and has more than a little bit of money saved up, but she realizes that she will need to supplement this money in order to not use it all up before the end of the term. So, she has been looking for jobs in her college town. On Craigslist. There are a number of money-making opportunities on Craigslist....more
My first thought is that it is very different for women than for men.  Men have an unending ...more

It Is Official...We Are Gypsies!

When I was a little girl, I had this book I would read about a little gypsy girl and her red shoes.  Oh, how I loved the thought of how exotic it must be to be a gypsy.  Perhaps that is what started this wanderlust of mine.  Whatever the reason, I have now deemed Robby and me "Gypsies"! ...more