Releasing The Guilt

It's okay to enjoy yourself in life. It is easier to help others than it is to help yourself. You tend to justify why you do the things you do with explanations of why you are being kind to yourself. You are always searching for a good reason why you are taking a moment to care for yourself. Sometimes it's difficult to do things that make you happy because you feel you have to explain what you are doing. There might not even be anyone questioning your actions, but yet you still feel the need to justify yourself. It's a fine thing for you to enjoy the things you love....more

Knowing Where You ShouldBe

Sometimes you know exactly where you should be and are lucky enough to be there. It may be communing with nature or at a place that makes you happy. Since you are unable to be at a place which would be best for you, then make due with where you are at . There is importance in having the ability to sense your comfort zone. It will help you in the future to know where you best do your work. You will find it easier as you grow older to identify a place that brings you peace. This may be a time for you to venture and understand discomfort before you truly know your state of being....more

Every Vacation MUST Include A Little "Adventure"!

Our second day in San Francisco was to be a very long one.  Our friends had never been to Yosemite National Park and since we were so close, they asked if we would mind making the trip.  We told them, "Sure!  Let's do it!"   ...more

California Dreamin'...

OK...So I will have to admit that there are a few advantages to being an "Empty Nester".  One of those advantages is being able to just pick up at any time and hit the road (or skies...) to far away places.  We did just that this week; we are in San Francisco! ...more

Gettin Lost In Your Freedom

It is not in the knowing that you get lost, but in your freedom. The universe allows you to have the freedom to do as you wish within the time that you need, but this allows you time for confusion. In your indecision, you sometimes stop in your tracks because there are too many options for you. The constant barrage of questions seem non-ending. There is little instructions that the universe gives to you and yet you need more. It's not that you are helpless, far from that, it is like that of a child, you need to learn to make decisions wisely....more

Releasing Toxic Thoughts

It is time to release the toxic thoughts that swirl in your mind. It keeps you from moving forward on your path. It is dangerous to hold on to these thoughts like a miser holds on to his valuables. These are not valuable to you. They are not worth anything but continued worries. Although some worries are good for you. Those that help you to plan your future, but the wordless and impractical mind games that you play is destructive. It is time to stop and move forward. You can trick your mind to do anything....more

5 Sure Fire Ways Menopausal Women Can Lose 10 lbs a Month

Did you turn 40+ or 50+ recently and all of sudden your favorite jeans, pants or skirt no longer fit? Did you try to lose weight your ‘standby’ old fashion way – but nothing happened? Did even Atkins fail you? It’s not your fault. Why, because it’s just a slowing of your metabolism due to the hormonal changes our bodies encounters as we age – which by the way aging is a beautiful thing....more

WALK - A Tribute to the Kids in the Middle

Today, Sienna, my 17 year old daughter, graduates from high school.For me, it’s been the blink of an eye.  For her, an arduous marathon.Believers in multiple intelligences from the get go, we were against academic preschool.  Instead, we opted for a place where kids made bread, gardened, played theatrical games, and were free to wear coats or not … even clothes or not, to some degree....more

Money, Money, Money

The first morning Brittany was home from college she had a dentist appointment. I gave her my credit card. When she got home she told me about a woman there who was getting all veneers and how perfect they looked. She said, “I’d like to do that!”I said, “So would I.” And took my card back....more

I ran out of kids and had to find more

They left me, the little sweeties.  Never mind that I loved 'em, wiped 'em, sewed for 'em, worried over 'em and went to all their plays, recitals, concerts and horse shows.  They had the audacity to grow up and move on.  Fiddlesticks.  What's a career mom to do?  Find more, that's what.  Didn't take long and I was a card carrying, T-shirt wearing, dues paying member of the Sea Scouts.   ...more