My Most Hated Word

I am 49 years old.  And without being excessively morbid, the reality is that I am running out of time.  Time to do the things that make me happy, time to spend with the people I love, time to surround myself with the people who love me. ...more


Do you believe in fate?  Or do you believe that you and you alone make your own destiny?For most of my life, I would have to say I believed the latter.  But lately, I've had the feeling I'm no more than a piece on someone else's chess board and have no control over where I'm moved.  It seems the universe has a plan for me that I didn't plan myself, that I didn't expect, and that I'm not sure where it's headed.So what to do?  When this happens, do you wrest control back?  Do you vow to maintain control of your own direction?...more
It's a good question - I think we have paths we have to decide to follow by our choice. It's ...more

Fashion and the Empty Nest

Ok...get ready for a rant!!Some facts, first.  I'm 49 and a grandmother.  I'm 5'9" and I wear a size 3.  Ok, got the basics?  Now on to the rant......more

Backpacks and College Apps and SAT's, Oh My!

Every year when my kids go back to school the feeling is bittersweet. I'm sad to see the lazy days of summer go and the relaxed attitude of the kids, but I do breathe a long sigh of relief (Ok, it's more of a "Yippie"!) when I drop them off on their first day of school. As much as I cherish our carefree summers, by Labor Day I'm ready for them to go back. ...more

More Hidden Treasures

The garage sale prep continues...Sunday, we focused on cleaning out the shed.  One of the biggest (and I mean huge!) items in the shed was an arc welder.  Funny, when we were cleaning out the attic, I know I saw two welders in the garage.  And my education then began....more

Hidden Treasures

Hubby and I are preparing for a garage sale this coming weekend.  And I mean a MAJOR sale.  So we spent all day Saturday unloading the attic and going through every single box.  Let me tell attic is NOT the place to be in Austin in August!!  Not sure what the temperature was up there, but the garage itself was 105 degrees. ...more

Deals at the Dollar Store

Ahhh...the dollar store!  A shopping playground that doesn't break the bank!Now some deals:1.  Plastic bins, baskets, buckets, etc.  Perfect for organizing craft supplies, grandkids' toys, and anything else you can possible think of.  I even use one to corral all the chip clips I have floating around!2.  Food containers.  Most dollar stores carry a variety of sizes.  I purchase these from the dollar store to send food home with the kids.  That way I don't have to worry about my good ones disappearing forever!...more
My favorite dollar store find are the selection of coffee mugs! I'm always dropping them. So ...more

Division of Labor

A poll was recently released stating that men are now doing more of the household chores.  Where?  Who is he?  I have to wonder!!This new trend has not hit my house.  Even in this "enlightened" age, my household is still divided along mostly traditional lines.  I take care of everything inside, and the Hubby handles the big stuff outside along with the vehicles.  True, he's a mechanic, so that last part only makes sense!...more
The division of labor in our house is often 50/50 but sometimes tips 60/40 -- or more -- in my ...more

Role Reversal

Hubby's been out of town this week attending training so Wednesday night, I had a girl's night.  A friend came by the house, we ordered Chinese and watched a movie.  Pretty tame night, right?  I was done and over by 10 p.m.!!So tell me why, on Thursday, my youngest son wanted to know what I'd been doing the night before?  When I asked why, he informed me I had no business being up that late!!  10 p.m.?? ...more

Going Gray

Ahhh, the gray debate!!  Probably one of the most vehement areas of contention between women empty-nesters!Personally, I'm going gray.  Ok...maybe I need to be more honest.  Because of my coloring (born with red hair, darkened to ash blonde as I aged), I've managed to skip the gray altogether.  I do, however, have racing stripes down both sides of my head in bright, glow-in-the-dark white!  Which I shouldn't have been surprised's the exact same way my father aged!...more
Holy Moly there are other women out in the world that think like I do about gray hair. I have ...more