They're Back!

They're Back - Learning to Live Together Again  ...more

Third Practice of MidLife Revivification - Movement

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” – W. Clement Stone Wishing, Hoping, Praying ...more

Mom Knew Best - Liver and Onions - Ew!!!

Practice #2 Eating Naturally – not from boxes ...more

Empty nest milestone: the first semester away

As of January 2014, I've gotten through the first semester with Ky away and the first lengthy break back home. Some thoughts about this first step into my empty nesting journey:...more

How to Secure Overpriced, Inconvenient Holiday Flights for Your Kids

Even if you're not a helicopter or snowplow parent, chances are you cannot resist being a Booking Engine Parent, especially because if left to their own devices, your kids might book themselves through Ibiza for a cross-country flight. Here are some helpful tips for completely screwing up your kids' holiday reservations:...more

A "Different" Kind Of Thanksgiving...

I'm not really crazy about "different"...change...all that stuff, but no matter how I don't like it, things are gonna change (sigh...).  And this Thanksgiving was definitely "different" for me. ...more

New Type-A Mom Editor - 50 Something Moms

I'm delighted to announce that I've been asked to become the new Editor of Type-A Mom 50-Something Moms. There I'll be writing articles of interest concerning family issues, Baby Boomer and mature women; adult children, empty nesting, beauty, fashion and frugal living. (Read More) ...more

New Year ~ New Me ~ Editor of Timeless Bliss

    I’m delighted and honored to announce that I’ve been asked to be the new Editor of the Timeless Bliss channel for Mature and Baby Boomer women at Blissfully Domestic. ...more