To the Young Mom in Aisle 7

I wanted to tell the mom to hang on, to keep it in perspective and take it a day at a time. Heck, a minute at a time, if necessary. I wanted to tell her to soak up her kids' joy and sense of adventure instead of letting them zap her energy -- it's possible! -- because before she knows it, those two are going to be grown and she's going to be walking the aisles selecting things she thinks they'll like to eat because they're coming home to visit for a weekend. ...more

I truly appreciate all of the comments voiced for my post. I confess I got busy (still, even in ...more

Empty Nests: How Will You Feel When Your Little Bird Leaves Home?

My mom came to visit recently, and as always, I fought the urge to crawl right into her lap and crush her aging bones. I've never lost the desire to be mothered. And, since my daughter came into my life, I've never yet and doubt I ever will lose the desire to mother her. ...more
@peggy_nastat A high school friend (30+ years since graduation) said the first time her son ...more