Area Dad Repeats Himself After Promising Not To

In what his wife calls a “totally typical” turn of events, a Pennsylvania man told his children something again, after announcing that he would not tell them that thing again, under any circumstances.Roger Ritter, 45, does this at least once a day and sometimes twice, according to his wife of 8 years.  “He gets frustrated ...more

Taking the Empty Threats of Parenting Out with The Trash (or the Recycling)

We are in a crack-down zone here in the Motherfog house. With the "half-year" theory (equilibrium-disequilibrium) proving its validity with a vengeance, we are tightening the reins and nailing down boundaries. We are committed to regaining our status as The Parents. AKA, the ones in control. Sadly, the roles have recently reversed and those under three-feet-tall have staged a hostile take-over....more
I love this! Consistency. more