Plated + Served: Your "Anytime Meal"

An “Anytime Meal” is great… especially when it is quick and easy to pull together. You know what Mama means by an “Anytime Meal,” right?...more

On Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

My relationship with canned enchilada sauce has been awkward for some time now. Red or green, our dates come off too strong, too acidic, too harsh, too full of pointy bits of rolled chile skin and tooth-fracturing seeds. The acidity has been so bad on some that hubby has threatened to veto our threesomes. The reasonable suitors for my enchilada attention arrive in Lilliputian-sized vessels and are quite expensive, particularly if you make two pans of enchiladas for a big dinner or freeze one pan for some night when you want dinner and a show but only have time for a quickie. ...more