Serene Sunday - How to Encourge

Serene Sunday - you can find serenity in learning how to encourage another person. Throughout the month of October, I have been devoting the Serene Sundays to encouragement. The previous posts have dealt with why you should encourage and who you should encourage. This week's article is about how to encourage. Next week, the final article in the series will deal with when to encourage. ...more

Serene Sunday Who to Encourage

Serene Sunday - you can find serenity by picking the right person to encourage....more

Be Somebody

I’ve known there’s a book in me since the fourth grade. That’s when my teacher, Miss Smith, removed her cat-eyed glasses and used them to point at me.             “Dana, this is excellent writing.”             She came toward me, my homework bunched in her hand. Knelt beside my desk and smoothed the pages. As she underlined various words and phrases with her pointer finger, I inhaled her fragrance—flowers and fruit. Strawberries maybe....more
Thanks, friend:)more

How to stay encouraged!

Day to day life sure can be a challenge.  Car needs repairs, money is tight, kids finding their own path vs. the one we want for them, aging parents, health issues, and just day-to-day things we all deal with.  How do we stay motivated, not bored, not discouraged, hopeful - encouraged?...more

Mothers; Find Your Tribe!

Mothers; Find Your Tribe!!Posted on January 3rd  Every woman needs a tribe. Again, I’ll mention my dear friend Marie Seiler. She knows. As one of three girls raised by a single mother, she watched her mother strengthened time and again by other mothers who listened to her when she was frustrated and loved her when she felt no one else did....more

If I ever met Jennifer Aniston

I will admit I like to read the "trash" magazines like People, US, O.K. The weird part is I am not star struck at all. When I was a flight attendant we had famous people on our flights all the time and I just could not care less. But, I just love coming home from work and opening my door and seeing a magazine has arrived through my mail slot. I can not afford People, but I have subscribed on eBay to US and O.K. I love nothing more than curling up in bed or in the tub with a magazine and seeing what clothes the stars are wearing and the hollywood scoop. ...more